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Hello, I'm Toni.

Toni's Pokemon Family

I own a lot of Pokemon but some, however, get a bit more attention than others. Those pokemon are ones I use very often.

My Pokemon


My Lucario's nickname is Hunteress. She is a very timid, serious Lucario. She, however, is very strong and dosen't like fighting much unless she has to. She currently is always on the team with her ball capsule. (She shares this "rank" with Shadow the Phione.) She has one kid, Riley, with his father Dip-Dop, the Kanto-bound Ditto.


Riley was named after the person who gave me a Riolu egg. (That Riolu was Hunteress.) Riley shares a second nickname, "Hunter" though it is not offical. Riley has a laid-back personality and currently spends his time in a box located via PC.


Phione, AKA: Shadow is a Phione hatched from my brother's friend, Richard, who plays his pokemon games as "Shadow." "Shadow" gave me a Phione egg after breeding one off of his legit Ranger Manaphy. Phione is very gentle, outspoken Phione; it knows its manners and it always focused on everything. It is the second of the two ball capsule-holding pokemon in my big family. Phione is one of my two surfers. (The other surfer is Starry the Starmie.)


Dip-Dop the Ditto was originaly from Kanto. It is a breeder and always spends its time in the native Day-Care Center, thus being the father and mother to many pokemon including Riley, the offspring of Dip-Dop and Hunteress the Lucario. It is very sassy and isn't afraid to speak its mind.


Draca is my first biggest powerhouse. (Second being Bahthin the Gengar.) Being a Dragonite, she is very rash and loves being the cente rof attention. She is very stong and is used as the leader in most of my battles.


Medusa is my impish Mawile. She is very shy and modest even though she may look mean. She is often in my party watching others (sush as Draca the Drgonite) fight. She loves reading and eating sliced peaches with salt on top.


Bahthin, my modest male Gengar, is my second biggest powerhouse. (First being Draca the Dragonite.) He likes using the move Shadow Ball a lot during battle. He often is in my party like Medusa the Mawile but sometimes hangs in the boxes with Riley the Riolu. (Riley is the offspring of Dip-Dop the Ditto and Hunteress the Lucario.)


Shelven is the nickname of my male Shuckle. He, like Medusa the Mawile, is very impish and modest. When not battling, he is always found in his shell resting.


Darkwings is my male Noctowl. He is usually always on my team since he help fly me around from place to place. He is very modest like most of my team and loves sleeping.

Looking To Get




Toni's Pokedex

My pokedex has 400+ Seen and 400+ owned. I am missing mostly Hoenn pokemon.

Currently Working On

141.png - Kabutops (Last one needed to own every stage of every Kanto pokemon box-wise legitly.)

384.png - Hoenn Legendaries (All except Jirachi.)

299.png - Get a Nosepass Swarm (again) to get its ugly evolvtion.

186.png - Get a Politoed.

Coming Soon

- Blaster the Blastoise description.

- Starry the Starmie description.

- Lava the Magmortar description.