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This template is the header to the body of the JELyrics template.

It may be called very simply like...


...or, to give it a more fancy style, like...


The "scheme" parameter may be any valid input to the Template:colorschemedark template. A full set of valid options is Kanto, Orange, Johto, Hoenn, Emerald, Sinnoh, Pika, Side, Yellow, FRLG, Platinum, HGSS, Unova, Unova2, Kalos, Almia, Fiore, Orre, and Unknown, but there are also other values that produce equivalent results to one of the preceding values (e.g., "BW" gives the same result as "Unova").

See the stanza template for a more complete explanation and example of constructing the whole JELyrics table.

For a full, live example, you may see Can You Name All the Pokémon, Baby?#Lyrics.