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The GO Snapshot camera

GO Snapshot is a feature introduced to Pokémon GO on February 25, 2019, which enabled players who are level 5 or higher to take photos of their Pokémon in storage. This feature can be accessed through the camera icon on the individual Pokémon's status screen, or by accessing the camera through the items list, and photos can be taken with or without AR+ mode activated. Without AR+, the Pokémon will be remain fixed in position facing forward in the center of the screen, while AR+ enables the player to keep the position of the Pokémon fixed relative to its background and therefore players can move around the Pokémon to obtain a greater variety of photos. Once the photos are taken, the player will be able to review the photos taken, and can directly share their photos to social media. GO Snapshot only saves up to ten photos per session, which are automatically stored in the device's internal storage or external memory card.[1]

Surprise encounters

Surprise encounter with Smeargle

Occasionally, the photo may be intercepted (or "photobombed") by a Pokémon which will appear in front of the photo taken. The Pokémon will only appear in the first few images taken per session, and the image with and without the photobomb will be saved. Once this happens, the Pokémon will spawn near the player, providing an opportunity to capture it. Pokémon from surprise encounters will not have any weather boosts and have a normal chance of fleeing. These surprise encounters enable players to earn the Cameraman medal depending on the number of photobombs they have had.

Surprise encounters are currently the only method of obtaining Smeargle, which is the usual Pokémon to appear outside of special events. Smeargle's moves will be the identical to that of the Pokémon of which the photo was taken, unless it knows a move that cannot be learned by Smeargle. If the photographed Pokémon knows a move outside of Smeargle's move pool, then the Smeargle will have a random move in its place. Smeargle may only be encountered up to once per day.

During some events, Smeargle has been replaced by an event Pokémon in surprise encounters. These surprise encounters usually happen on the first snapshot taken.

Pokémon Event Notes
GO025O.png Pikachu (Ash's hat) April Fools' Day 2019
(April 1 - April 3, 2019)
GO025D.png Detective Pikachu Detective Pikachu
(May 7 - May 17, 2019)
  • Up to 1× per day
  • Non-Shiny, male only
GO025P.png Pikachu (Party hat) 3rd Anniversary
(June 28 - July 6, 2019)
  • Up to 1× per day
  • Shiny possible*