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# Pokémon Types Notes
001 GO001.png MissingNo. GO Normal.png


# Pokémon Types Notes
103 GO103A.png Exeggutor
Alola Form
GO Grass.png GO Dragon.png
116 GO116.png Horsea GO Water.png
117 GO117.png Seadra GO Water.png
130 GO130.png Gyarados GO Water.png GO Flying.png Prior to February 16, 2017
131 GO131.png Lapras GO Water.png GO Ice.png Prior to February 16, 2017
148 GO148.png Dragonair GO Dragon.png
149 GO149.png Dragonite GO Dragon.png GO Flying.png Prior to February 16, 2017
181 GO181.png Ampharos GO Electric.png If obtained during Mareep Community Day or Community Day Celebration 2018
235 GO235.png Smeargle GO Normal.png
334 GO334.png Altaria GO Dragon.png GO Flying.png
372 GO372.png Shelgon GO Dragon.png
487 GO487O.png Giratina
Origin Forme
GO Ghost.png GO Dragon.png