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somethin about Pokéballs...
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I'm Tara and I think Toasty sucks. However, I think POKéMON RULES! RIGHT EM BOYEE!

This is a picture of me and my Octillery that I drew!


I've been watchin' the anime ever since the good ol' 90's, like any other kid I was pretty much obsessed with Pokémon. But I didn't get into video games in general until about last year for two reasons: one, my mom was too poor to buy me a Game Boy, and two, they were scary. (And I still can't get the hang of console games, I just now started playing Colosseum, but forget virtual console Snap. Haha.) So like, last year my friend James introduced me with Sapphire, nice one James. But after I finished that I ditched Gen III and finished all the Gen I games. Right now I'm working on Crystal even though I've started games on pretty much all of them. Annnd I have a tangible copy of Pearl, got it the day it came out. I've completed the Pokédex, caught some legendariez and beaten the E4 just like everybody else in this joint!

So yeah, I love Pokémon a lot. It's one of my favorite things in the whole world! Besides that, though, I'm really, really really into music. It's probably my number one interest, ever, and I aim to be a not-so-professional musician when I grow up or anytime in the near future. My favorite band is Bomb The Music Industry!, most inspiring group of musicians in the world. I also love Mr. Ben Folds, my piano idol 4lyf, and The Aquabats!, my bffs.

In addition to those two things I adore most other forms of art, especially drawing, as you can tell! My deviantART page is here (profane! was told to put a warnin'!) I've been drawing since I was little, and uh...I'm only giving this whole big biography because I feel like I need to fill up the page to the end of my templates bar. :D

Here, I can be a dork. If I lived in the Pokémon world, I'd live in Pastoria City. Because it's my favorite city ever. Because Route 212 has the best music ever, it's so relaxing and great. And I love it. And Route 209 totally stole it. Whatever, Route 209. Anyway, so I'd like, go to Rowan, and be like, gimme a Chimchar. And then I'd train it and give it to my friend because she hates Infernape. And because I don't really like any of the Sinnoh starters that much. So then I'd go to the other regions and like, battle and become a Pokémon master and stuff, right? And obviously get like Octilleries and Cyndaquils and probably like Leafeon and stuff. You know? And it'd be awesome. And that's what I'd do.

duuurr. I'm done.