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Hello fellow pokedorks I am skittyofdeath or skitty for short I've been into pokemon for about a year or two now and am most likely love it from now until the day I die. my favorite pokemon are Vulpix,Torchic,riolu,shamyn,and you guessed it SKITTY I LOVE SKITTY THEY CHASE THERE TAIL AROUND AND AROUND AND AROUND AND AROUND AND AROUND AND AROUND AND THEY ARE PINK AND CUTE AND IF YOU MESS WITH THEM THEY WILL KILL TOU AND EAT THE LAST favorite typer pokemon are fire/fighting types in fact they are almost all I use. I am a incureibul pokeshiper and hope may and dawn have some sort of poffin maker actident. my only non-pokemon obbsesion is the charlie the unicorn saga. now I have to do stuff so bye bye ohh I don't own pokemon,charlie the unicorn,or any other copyrighted stuff