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202.png This user's favorite color is blue.
Spr DP Candice.png This user has black hair.
251.png This user is 14 years old.
385.png This user's birthday is 23rd January.
031.png This user identifies as female.
ResortPianoSprite.png This user plays the piano.
327.png This user is insane.
233.png This user spends too much time on the computer.


025Pikachu.png 172Pichu.png

My FiRe TyPe PoKeMoN

004Charmander.png ChArMaNdEr 005Charmeleon.png ChArMeLeOn 140px-006Charizard.png ChArIzArD

037Vulpix.png VuLpIx 038Ninetales.png NiNeTaLeS

058Growlithe.png GrOwLiThE 059Arcanine.png ArCaNiNe

077Ponyta.png PoNyTa 078Rapidash.png RaPiDaSh

126Magmar.png MaGmAr/span></big> 140px-136Flareon.png FlArEoN

140px-155Cyndaquil.png CyNdAqUiL 140px-156Quilava.png QuIvAvA 157Typhlosion.png TyPhLoSiOn

Hikozaru.jpg ChImChAr 140px-146Moltres.png MoLtReS

256Combusken.png CoMbUsKeN 257Blaziken.png BlAzIkEn

228Houndour.png HoUnDoUr 229Houndoom.png HoUnDoOm

My GrAsS TyPe PoKeMoNs

140px-001Bulbasaur.png BuLbAsAuR 002Ivysaur.png IvYsAuR 140px-003Venusaur.png VeNuSaUr

043Oddish.png OdDiSh 069Bellsprout.png BeLlSpRoUt

140px-187Hoppip.png HoPpIp 274Nuzleaf.png NuZlEaF

140px-152Chikorita.png ChIcKoRiTa 153Bayleef.png BaYlEeF 154Meganium.png MeGaNiUm

140px-Art-Cherinbo.png ChErUbI 140px-421-Artwork-IV.jpg ChErRiM

My FaVoUrItE PoKeMoNs!!!

095Onix.png OnIx 212Scizor.png ScIzOr

140px-158Totodile_genIII.png ToToDiLe 159Croconaw.png CrOcOnAw 160Feraligatr.png FeRaLiGaTr

175Togepi.png ToGePi 176Togetic.png ToGeTiC 133Eevee.png EeVeE

Pochama.jpg PiPlUp 137Porygon.png PoRyGoN

035Clefairy.png ClEfAiRy 039Jigglypuff.png JiGgLyPuFf

140px-143Snorlax.png SnOrLaX 140px-209Snubbull.png SnUbBuLl 234Stantler.png StAnTlEr

149Dragonite.png DrAgOnItE 165Ledyba.png LeDyBa 140px-250Ho-Oh.png Ho-Oh

027Sandshrew.png SaNdSheW 028Sandslash.png SaNdSlAsH 140px-231Phanpy.png PhAnPy

140px-063Abra.png AbRa