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Hello. I joined Bulbapedia on Valentine's Day 2013, as part of fixing a little error involving Uxie's weight. Unfortunately, six of twenty edits made before November 2015 were blunders. three of which is because I didn't know about what doesn't count as trivia (two of which were Teddiursa's FRLG sprite and one was Brock's Chansey's gender). The other three were from me not knowing better (Ash's Snivy on the talk page where I stupidly fixed someone's grammar, latter of which was a highly rude edit to my talk page). However, I rarely ever edit on Bulbapedia, and from all those past experiences, I never find it to be a good idea. But then again the only edits I consider are minor mistakes on pages, some additional information a page should have, and obviously updating my userpage.

Despite all that, I like being here as Bulbapedia is basically my ultimate source for everything Pokémon. :)

Note: this page is highly incomplete. The below section is my personal to-do list for this page.

Stuff for me to add to this page.

  • Userbox tower.
  • My Pokémon playthroughs and teams.
  • Favorite Pokémon.
  • Favorite characters.
  • Look at other userpages for reference on building this one, not to copy from.
  • Pokémon games I own.
  • Pokémon games I own.


I'm curious to when this design is dated. I'll assume the first two quarters of 2002, or maybe late 2001.
My other favorite PokéGirl. Actually this is Platinum but she's really just the manga version of Dawn.
My favorite DP episode simply because both May and Dawn are in it. While I do like SapphirePearlShipping, I don't ship them.
Robin VS Starfire. Before that, in Episode 50, Robin battled Terra before he even met Star.
Best part of May. Her clothes are the American flag colors. Same goes for Jolly Old England among other places.
What do these clothes signify, Ireland? Or worse, Côte d'Ivoire?!
Blue hair makes everything better. Even girls that smell like baby powder!
Dan Schneider's favorite PokéGirl ever. I think she's fine but not one of my favorites.
Sometimes I need to get away from May's contest obsession. What do I do? Go to Sapphire instead.
I like her, but forget she exists most of the time because she wasn't in the anime. Despite her name being Green (manga) or Leaf (FRLG), I call her Blue.