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Mount Lanakila, an area in Alola with a special glacial field.

A special glacial field (Japanese: 特殊氷河フィールド special glacial field) enables Crabrawler to evolve into Crabominable.

In the core series games

In the anime

In Getting a Jump on the Competition!, Hala prepared for the Pokémon Sled Jump Games, and after winning a battle against a wild Sneasel, his Crabrawler successfully evolved into Crabominable thanks to the mountain's special glacial field.

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In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 特殊冰川場 Tèshū bīngchuān chǎng
Mandarin 特殊冰川場 / 特殊冰川领域 Tèshū bīngchuān lǐngyù
France Flag.png French Champ glaciaire spécial
Germany Flag.png German Besonderes Gletscherfeld
Italy Flag.png Italian Speciale campo glaciale
South Korea Flag.png Korean 특별 한 빙하 필드 Teugbyeol han bingha pildeu
Poland Flag.png Polish Specjalne pole polodowcowe
Spain Flag.png Spanish Campo glaciar especial