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This page shows the history of Y's Pokémon team.


Image Description
Y Fletchy Fletchling.png Y obtains a Fletchling and nicknames her Fletchy.

X & Y arc

Image Description Chapter
Y Veevee Eevee.png Y is revealed to have caught an Eevee and nicknamed her Veevee. Sylveon Enchants
Y Veevee Sylveon.png Veevee evolves into Sylveon.
Y Croaky Froakie.png Y adds Professor Sycamore's Froakie to her team and nicknames him Croaky. Fast-Thinking Froakie
Y Fletchy Fletchinder.png Fletchy evolves into Fletchinder. Burning Fletchinder
Y Croaky Frogadier.png Croaky evolves into Frogadier. Shooting Frogadier
Y Rhyrhy.png Y adds her mother's Rhyhorn to her team and nicknames him Rhyrhy. Pyroar Breathes
Y Xerxer.png Y catches a Xerneas and nicknames it Xerxer. Rhyhorn Charges
Y Solsol.png Y catches an Absol and nicknames him Solsol. Scizor Defends
Y Solsol Mega Absol.png Y becomes able to Mega Evolve Solsol into Mega Absol. Pinsir Changes
Y Croaky.png Croaky evolves into Greninja. Malamar Traps
Y Xerxer.png Xerxer leaves Y. Xerneas Gives