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This page shows the history of Pearl's Pokémon team.


Image Description
Chatler.png Pearl obtains a Chatot and nicknames him Chatler.

Diamond & Pearl arc

Image Description Chapter
Chimler Chimchar.png Pearl receives a Chimchar from Platinum and nicknames him Chimler. Stagestruck Starly
Chimler Monferno.png Chimler evolves into Monferno. Ring Around the Roserade I
Chimler.png Chimler evolves into Infernape. Stunning Staravia & Stinky Skuntank II
Rayler.png Pearl catches a Luxray and nicknames him Rayler. Showdown with Houndoom
Zeller.png Pearl catches a Buizel and nicknames him Zeller. Besting Buizel II
Tauler.png Pearl catches a Tauros and nicknames him Tauler.
Digler.png Pearl catches a Diglett and nicknames him Digler.