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Saskii is a female pokemon trainer.

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Saskii has trained Pokemon from the tender reaches of childhood. She trained briefly in Kanto with a Pikachu before moving to Johto where she and her new Cyndaquil, Firey, carved their name into the region's history, defeating the Elite Four and running around the countryside, defeating every challenge presented.

She never had any legendary Pokemon in the early part of her life though. She once ran into a Legendary Beast, but she'd only got about five Johto badges at the time and was unprepared for the challenge.

One of the greatest laments of her time as a trainer was when she once left many of her Pokemon unattended, and a malicious boy she knew set free all her Pokemon there, including a shiny Gengar. She dreams of the day she will once again find her Gengar, and tell him she always loved him and misses him dearly.

After this, she went to Orre to put an end to Cipher once and for all, and acquired her first legendary, Lugia, as well as the Legendary Birds, all of which she shares ownership of with her sister.

Her sister has been a big part of her Pokemon journey, from when they both started collecting Pokemon together to when her sister let Saskii go to Sinnoh rather than continue her own journeys there. She has, however, found her own way to stay - even if Saskii owes her big time.

Saskii's goals as a trainer are somewhat different. She doesn't care about completing a Pokedex nor does she want to stop after beating the champion - Saskii has specific Pokemon that she wants and she will wait 'till she's ninety to get them, if necessary. She has goal teams that, if not strategically impressive, hold a lot of emotional weight for her.

She can't wait, however, for when she can return to Johto, her favourite place in the Pokemon world.


ASH - ID: I may look this up someday

Teams: to be completed

Obtained Legendaries

Lugia, Zapdos, Articuno, Moltres