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Let's see.. Um, yeah. My Missingno Wrecked Blue: ... Wow. Loaded a savestate and the game crashed. Second try: [screen comming soon] Wow^2. I'm in a place I can't go out from (in Pokécenter) and the colors are all messed up. Let's see my trainer card. [screen comming] Time: 0:05. Hey! What happened with my finished save? Let's load an different savestate... Still same. Aww.

Pokémon Yellow: Now this is something! No savestate, but the save is working OK! [screen comming] [note, this will become a nice table]

  • Name/David
  • Money/P52941
  • Time/41:06
  • Badges: 5/8 (wow)


  • "Chary" Charmeleon lvl 33
  • "Batree" Butterfree lvl 32
  • "Warty" Blastoise lvl 46
  • "Dodik" Dodrio lvl 37
  • "ARCANINE" Arcanine lvl 34
  • "Pikachu" Pikachu lvl 31

That's nice. I'm in Saffron. Let's look into PC. ... What's this? I can walk through walls -_- * looks into cheat list * oh, it's the only cheat there. Good. Anyways, nothing in boxes. That ends todays yourney into old saves! ^^