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Sam or s2daam (pronnounced S-2-DA-AM) is a Human. He refers to himself as the Eeveelution Master.

Favourite Pokémon

His favourite Pokémon are the Eeveelutions, however he also has many other favourites spanning all the generations. Out of the starters, he loves Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Mudkip, Piplup, Oshawott and Fennekin.

Favourite games

His first game was Pokémon Yellow and he has owned every main series game since, excluding Gold, Crystal, FireRed and White 2. His favourite region so far is Hoenn, and his favourite games are Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, although he loves each and every game.

Favourite types

While he doesn't have a specific type love, he does like Psychic, Electric and Water types the most. His least favourite type is possibly Normal, as he wishes the type wasn't so plain and all the Pokémon with the type should be re-typeD into better ones.


He has worked as a Moderator, Administrator and Designer. On Bulbapedia, Sam often creates pages for pre-released Pokémon for new generations, along with pretty much trying to create as many pages he can for new games. He works more closely on the Archives, which he often spends his time trying to decrease the amount of files in bad categories and also uploads higher quality files where he can. He also tries to organise the files as much as he can, although without any permissions, means that this never really happens.

Created Pages
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I'm active on SerebiiForums, along with being a member of Bulbagarden Forums, PokeBeach Forums and PokéCommunity forums, although I'm not as active on those sites. I'm also available on PidgiWiki.

My username is the same on all sites.