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Ryu Shoji (Real Name: Josh, Age 18) is a Pokémon Fan and Collector from the United Kingdom, and a current administrator of Pokémon World (not to be confused with the UK based Magazine of the same name). He also represents PW and the United Kingdom in the United European Pokémon Communities. In the future, he aspires to be an Author, or failing that, a Psychologist.

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Ryu Shoji first started playing Pokémon back in 1999 when he and his older brother got a copy of Pokémon Red and Blue Versions respectively on the Christmas after the European launch, his first Pokémon being a Squirtle that later became his first level 100 - a Blastoise called "Tiny-Thing". Since starting Pokémon his favourite Pokémon has always been Eevee, and so far every team of his where possible (aside from his Video Game Championships team) has had at least one Eeveelution. Ryu Shoji owns all main series Pokémon games, but those listed in the usertag his 'main versions' (When a pair of games comes out, he gets one and his older brother gets the other, but he later buys the missing version. However, with the Generation IV games, he brought Pearl version in Japan upon release, and later brought Diamond upon US release).

Ryu Shoji's main hobbies include Pokémon (which he regrets alientated him during secondary school), Anime and Manga. He recently completed his A-Levels at a Sixth Form College studying English Language and Literature, Psychology and an Extended Project (A novel)

Pokémon 'Career'

Ryu Shoji was also known as "Kakashi-Sharingan Warrior" on Serebii Forums before leaving in September, 2009 after being an active member for the past five years and currently co-runs Pokémon World with his school friend Rob (known as Pokerob). Ryu Shoji is known on Pokemonworld as being the main reporter of news and various other pieces of information. Ryu Shoji is a collector of event Pokémon, and an avid double battler, and managed to gain a place in the finals (Top 16) of the Pokémon Video Game Championships 2009 London event, before being knocked out in the first round of the finals. Ryu finished in the top 64 of the 2010 Video Game Championships.

Pokémon Video Game Championship 2009 Team

PokéManiac Joshi
Pokémon Pearl Version - Sinnoh
FireIC.gif FightingIC.gif
Level 50
Spr 4d 392.png
Fire Blast
Close Combat
DarkIC.gif IceIC.gif
Level 50
Spr 4d 461 m.png
Brick Break
Night Slash
Ice Shard
Ice Punch
GrassIC.gif NormalIC.gif
Level 50
Spr 4d 465 m.png
Leaf Guard
Sunny Day
Sleep Powder
Focus Blast
DragonIC.gif FlyingIC.gif
Level 50
Spr 4d 373.png
Rock Slide
Dragon Dance
GrassIC.gif PsychicIC.gif
Level 50
Spr 4d 103.png
Sleep Powder
Sunny Day
GroundIC.gif FlyingIC.gif
Level 50
Spr 4d 472.png
Hyper Cutter
Ice Fang


- As a young boy, his love for the Pokémon Eevee was so renowned that he would receive Eevee promos from one of the workers who worked at his local store that ran the Pokémon Trading Card Game League.

- The only reason he attended the Millenium Dome was to obtain a Mew.

- He has a deep hatred of Missingno, due to his copy of Pokémon Red being used for his older brother to experiment on. His save file was later deleted when he turned the game on inside the hallway of his then-new house, which he considers an omen due to the problems that house and neighbourhood would cause later.

- In Secondary School, people would come to him for advice, due to his vast knowledge of Pokémon

- Ryu's favourite character from the Pokémon Anime is May

- Ryu is a fan of the Pokémon Adventures manga series, favouring it over the Anime.

- In memory of his first Pokémon, Tiny-Thing the Blastoise, Ryu nicknamed his Blastoise in Pokémon LeafGreen "Tiny-Thing" , which he effectively refers to as "Tiny-Thing II" and at some point plans on raising a "Tiny-Thing III" to use competitively.