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This is a list of all the Japanese Pokémon Trading Card Game main expansions.

Original Era

Set no. Symbol Logo Japanese name Translated name No. of cards Release date
1 拡張パック Expansion Pack 102 October 20, 1996
2 SetSymbolJungle.png ポケモンジャングル Pokémon Jungle 48 March 5, 1997
3 SetSymbolFossil.png 化石の秘密 Mystery of the Fossils 48 June 21, 1997
4 SetSymbolTeam Rocket.png ロケット団 Rocket Gang 65 November 21, 1997
5 SetSymbolGym Heroes.png リーダーズスタジアム Leaders' Stadium 96 October 24, 1998
6 闇からの挑戦 Challenge from the Darkness 98 June 25, 1999

neo Era

Set no. Symbol Logo Japanese name Translated name No. of cards Release date
1 SetSymbolNeo Genesis.png 金、銀、新世界へ... Gold, Silver, to a New World... 96 February 4, 2000
2 SetSymbolNeo Discovery.png 遺跡をこえて... Crossing the Ruins... 56 July 7, 2000
3 SetSymbolNeo Revelation.png めざめる伝説 Awakening Legends 57 November 23, 2000
4 SetSymbolNeo Destiny.png 闇、そして光へ... Darkness, and to Light... 113 April 20, 2001

VS Era

Set no. Symbol Logo Japanese name Translated name No. of cards Release date
1 SetSymbolVS.png Pokémon Card VS Logo.png ポケモンカード★VS Pokémon Card★VS 142 July 19, 2001

web Era

Set no. Symbol Logo Japanese name Translated name No. of cards Release date
1 Pokémon Card web Logo.png ポケモンカード★web Pokémon Card★web 48 October 20, 2001

e-Card Era

Set no. Symbol Logo Japanese name Translated name No. of cards Release date
1 SetSymbolBase Expansion Pack.png 基本拡張パック Base Expansion Pack 128 December 1, 2001
2 SetSymbolThe Town on No Map.png 地図にない町 The Town on No Map 92 March 8, 2002
3 SetSymbolWind from the Sea.png 海からの風 Wind from the Sea 90 May 24, 2002
4 SetSymbolSplit Earth.png 裂けた大地 Split Earth 91 August 23, 2002
5 SetSymbolMysterious Mountains.png 神秘なる山 Mysterious Mountains 91 October 4, 2002


Set no. Symbol Logo Japanese name Translated name No. of cards Release date
1 SetSymbolRuby and Sapphire.png 拡張パック ADV Expansion Pack 55 January 31, 2003
2 SetSymbolSandstorm.png 砂漠のきせき Miracle of the Desert 53 April 18, 2003
3 SetSymbolDragon.png 天空の覇者 Rulers of the Heavens 54 June 25, 2003
4 SetSymbolHidden Legends.png とかれた封印 Undone Seal 83 January 16, 2004


Set no. Symbol Logo Japanese name Translated name No. of cards Release date
1 SetSymbolFlight of Legends.png 伝説の飛翔 Flight of Legends 82 April 9, 2004
2 SetSymbolDeoxys.png 蒼空の激突 Clash of the Blue Sky 82 July 1, 2004
3 SetSymbolTeam Rocket Returns.png ロケット団の逆襲 Rocket Gang Strikes Back 85 October 15, 2004
4 SetSymbolUnseen Forces.png 金の空、銀の海 Golden Sky, Silvery Ocean 106 April 8, 2005
5 SetSymbolLegend Maker.png まぼろしの森 Mirage Forest 86 June 30, 2005
6 SetSymbolDelta Species.png ホロンの研究塔 Holon Research Tower 86 October 28, 2005
7 SetSymbolHolon Phantoms.png ホロンの幻影 Holon Phantom 52 January 27, 2006
8 SetSymbolCrystal Guardians.png きせきの結晶 Miracle Crystal 75 March 10, 2006
9 SetSymbolDragon Frontiers.png さいはての攻防 Offense and Defense of the Furthest Ends 68 June 29, 2006

DP Era

Set no. Symbol Logo Japanese name Translated name No. of cards Release date
1 SetSymbolSpace-Time Creation.png 時空の創造
Space-Time Creation
(Diamond Collection
Pearl Collection)

November 30, 2006
2 SetSymbolSecret of the Lakes.png 湖の秘密 Secret of the Lakes 123 March 2, 2007
3 SetSymbolShining Darkness.png ひかる闇 Shining Darkness 119 July 5, 2007
4 SetSymbolMoonlit Pursuit Dawn Dash.png 月光の追跡
Moonlit Pursuit
Dawn Dash
October 26, 2007
5 SetSymbolCry from the Mysterious Temple of Anger.png 秘境の叫び
Cry from the Mysterious
Temple of Anger
March 14, 2008
6 SetSymbolIntense Fight in the Destroyed Sky.png 破空の激闘 Intense Fight in the Destroyed Sky 92 July 10, 2008

DPt Era

Set no. Symbol Logo Japanese name Translated name No. of cards Release date
1 SetSymbolGalactic Conquest.png DPt1 Logo.png ギンガの覇道 Galactic's Conquest 96 October 10, 2008
2 SetSymbolBonds to the End of Time.png DPt2 Logo.png 時の果ての絆 Bonds to the End of Time 90 December 26, 2008
3 SetSymbolBeat of the Frontier.png DPt3 Logo.png フロンティアの鼓動 Beat of the Frontier 100 March 6, 2009
4 SetSymbolAdvent of Arceus.png アルセウス光臨 Advent of Arceus 90 July 8, 2009


Set no. Symbol Logo Japanese name Translated name No. of cards Release date
1 SetSymbolHeartGold Collection.png
SetSymbolSoulSilver Collection.png
L1 Logo.png ハートゴールドコレクション
HeartGold Collection
SoulSilver Collection
October 9, 2009
2 SetSymbolReviving Legends.png L2 Logo.png よみがえる伝説 Reviving Legends 81 February 11, 2010
3 SetSymbolClash at the Summit.png L3 Logo.png 頂上大激突 Clash at the Summit 81 July 8, 2010

BW Era

Set no. Symbol Logo Japanese name Translated name No. of cards Release date
1 SetSymbolBlack Collection.png
SetSymbolWhite Collection.png
BW1 Logo.png ブラックコレクション
Black Collection
White Collection
December 17, 2010
2 SetSymbolRed Collection.png BW2 Logo.png レッドコレクション Red Collection 72 July 15, 2011
3 SetSymbolPsycho Drive.png
SetSymbolHail Blizzard.png
BW3 Logo.png サイコドライブ
Psycho Drive
Hail Blizzard
September 16, 2011
4 SetSymbolDark Rush.png BW4 Logo.png ダークラッシュ Dark Rush 76 December 16, 2011
5 SetSymbolDragon Blast.png
SetSymbolDragon Blade.png
BW5 Logo.png リューズブラスト
Dragon Blast
Dragon Blade
March 16, 2012
6 SetSymbolFreeze Bolt.png
SetSymbolCold Flare.png
BW6 Logo.png フリーズボルト
Freeze Bolt
Cold Flare
July 13, 2012
7 SetSymbolPlasma Gale.png BW7 Logo.png プラズマゲイル Plasma Gale 79 September 14, 2012
8 SetSymbolSpiral Force.png
SetSymbolThunder Knuckle.png
BW8 Logo.png ラセンフォース
Spiral Force
Thunder Knuckle
December 14, 2012
9 SetSymbolMegalo Cannon.png BW9 Logo.png メガロキャノン Megalo Cannon 86 March 15, 2013

XY Era

Set no. Symbol Logo Japanese name Translated name No. of cards Release date
1 SetSymbolCollection X.png
SetSymbolCollection Y.png
XY1 Logo.png コレクションX
Collection X
Collection Y
December 13, 2013
2 SetSymbolWild Blaze.png XY2 Logo.png ワイルドブレイズ Wild Blaze 90 March 15, 2014
3 SetSymbolRising Fist.png XY3 Logo.png ライジングフィスト Rising Fist 105 June 14, 2014
4 SetSymbolPhantom Gate.png XY4 Logo.png ファントムゲート Phantom Gate 97 September 13, 2014
5 SetSymbolGaia Volcano.png
SetSymbolTidal Storm.png
XY5 Logo.png ガイアボルケーノ
Gaia Volcano
Tidal Storm
December 13, 2014
6 SetSymbolEmerald Break.png XY6 Logo.png エメラルドブレイク Emerald Break 91 March 14, 2015
7 SetSymbolBandit Ring.png XY7 Logo.png バンデットリング Bandit Ring 97 June 20, 2015


Set no. Symbol Logo Japanese name Translated name No. of cards Release date
1 SetSymbolRed Flash.png
SetSymbolBlue Shock.png
XY8 Logo.png 赤い閃光
Red Flash
Blue Shock
September 26, 2015
2 SetSymbolRage of the Broken Heavens.png XY9 Logo.png 破天の怒り Rage of the Broken Heavens 89 December 11, 2015
3 SetSymbolAwakening Psychic King.png XY10 Logo.png めざめる超王 Awakening Psychic King 88 March 18, 2016
4 SetSymbolFever-Burst Fighter.png
SetSymbolCruel Traitor.png
XY11 Logo.png 爆熱の闘士
Fever-Burst Fighter
Cruel Traitor
June 17, 2016

Sun & Moon Era

Set no. Symbol Logo Japanese name Translated name No. of cards Release date
1 SetSymbolCollection Sun.pngSetSymbolCollection Moon.png SM1 Logo.png コレクション サン
コレクション ムーン
Collection Sun
Collection Moon
December 9, 2016
2 SetSymbolIslands Await You.pngSetSymbolAlolan Moonlight.png SM2 Logo.png キミを待つ島々
Islands Await You
Alolan Moonlight
March 17, 2017
3 SetSymbolTo Have Seen the Battle Rainbow.pngSetSymbolDarkness that Consumes Light.png SM3 Logo.png 闘う虹を見たか
To Have Seen the Battle Rainbow
Darkness that Consumes Light
June 16, 2017
4 SetSymbolAwakened Heroes.pngSetSymbolUltradimensional Beasts.png 覚醒の勇者
Awakened Heroes
Ultradimensional Beasts
September 15, 2017
5 SetSymbolUltra Sun.pngSetSymbolUltra Moon.png SM5 Logo.png ウルトラサン
Ultra Sun
Ultra Moon
December 8, 2017
6 SetSymbolForbiddenLight.png SM6 Logo.png 禁断の光 Forbidden Light 110 March 2, 2018
7 SetSymbolSky-Splitting Charisma.png SM7 Logo.png 裂空のカリスマ Sky-Splitting Charisma 112 June 1, 2018
8 SetSymbolSuper-Burst Impact.png SM8 Logo.png 超爆インパクト Super-Burst Impact 111 September 7, 2018
9 SetSymbolTag Bolt.png SM9 Logo.png タッグボルト Tag Bolt 118 December 7, 2018
10 SetSymbolDouble Blaze.png SM10 Logo.png ダブルブレイズ Double Blaze 116 March 1, 2019
11 SetSymbolMiracle Twin.png SM11 Logo.png ミラクルツイン Miracle Twin 115 May 31, 2019
12 SetSymbolAlter Genesis.png SM12 Logo.png オルタージェネシス Alter Genesis 117 September 6, 2019

Sword & Shield Era

Set no. Symbol Logo Japanese name Translated name No. of cards Release date
1 SetSymbolSword.pngSetSymbolShield.png S1 Logo.png ソード
December 6, 2019
2 SetSymbolRebellion Crash.png S2 Logo.png 反逆クラッシュ Rebellion Crash 115 March 6, 2020
3 SetSymbolInfinity Zone.png S3 Logo.png ムゲンゾーン Infinity Zone 119 June 5, 2020
4 SetSymbolAmazing Volt Tackle.png S4 Logo.png 仰天のボルテッカー Amazing Volt Tackle 121 September 18, 2020

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Pokémon Trading Card Game expansions and releases
Bold indicates a main expansion. Italics indicate a special set. Releases that are entirely composed of prints from other releases are small.
Original Series
Wizards Black Star Promos
Trainer Deck ATrainer Deck B
Base Set: 2-Player Starter SetOvergrowthZap!BrushfireBlackout
Jungle: Power ReserveWater Blast
Fossil: BodyGuardLockDown
Base Set 2: 2-Player CD-ROM Starter SetGrass ChopperHot WaterLightning BugPsych Out
Team Rocket: DevastationTrouble
Gym Heroes: BrockMistyLt. SurgeErika
Gym Challenge: SabrinaKogaBlaineGiovanni
Original Era
Unnumbered Promotional cards
Expansion Pack: Starter Deck
Pokémon Jungle
Mystery of the Fossils
Rocket Gang
Expansion Sheet 1Nivi City GymHanada City GymExpansion Sheet 2Kuchiba City GymTamamushi City Gym
Leaders' Stadium
Expansion Sheet 3Quick Starter Gift SetYamabuki City GymGuren Town Gym
Challenge from the Darkness
Southern IslandsIntro Pack
Neo Series
Neo Genesis: HotfootCold Fusion
Neo Discovery: Brain WaveWallop
Southern Islands
Tyranitar Half Deck
Neo Revelation
Neo Destiny: DarkLight
Legendary Collection Series
Legendary Collection: LavaTurmoil
Neo Era
Gold, Silver, to a New World...: Neo Starter Deck
Crossing the Ruins...
Awakening Legends
Darkness, and to Light...
Intro Pack Neo
VS Era
Leaders Pokémon Theater Limited Edition
Pokémon VS
Application Pack
Web Era
Pokémon Web
e-Card Series
Sample Set
Expedition Base Set: EchoElectric Garden
Best of Game
Aquapolis: Rock GardenAbyss
Skyridge: EeveelutionMind Machine
e-Card Era
P Promotional cardsJ Promotional cardsT Promotional cards
Base Expansion Pack: Pokémon-e Starter Deck
McDonald's Pokémon-e Minimum Pack
The Town on No Map
Wind from the Sea
Theater Limited VS Pack
Split Earth
Mysterious Mountains
EX Series
Nintendo Black Star Promos
EX Ruby & Sapphire: RubySapphireTreecko Picture BookTorchic Picture BookMudkip Picture BookRalts Picture Book
EX Sandstorm: CaravanOasis
EX Dragon: FireFangWindBlast
EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua: Team MagmaTeam Aqua
EX Hidden Legends: Forest GuardianWish Maker
EX Trainer KitPoké Card Creator Pack
EX FireRed & LeafGreen: FireRedLeafGreen
POP Series 1EX Battle Stadium
EX Team Rocket Returns: JessieJames
EX Deoxys: StarchargeJetstream
EX Emerald: HydrobloomWildfire
POP Series 2
EX Unseen Forces: Golden SkySilvery Ocean
EX Delta Species: BreakthroughSteeplechase
EX Legend Maker: GroundbreakerShadowquake
Exploud Picture BookRayquaza Picture BookEX Trainer Kit 2POP Series 3
EX Holon Phantoms: FireMistFloodRush
Ho-Oh Picture BookLugia Picture BookPOP Series 4
EX Crystal Guardians: Green CycloneStorm SurgeEarth Shower
EX Dragon Frontiers: Shadow BlazePower Wave
EX Power Keepers: Dark BlastMind Game
POP Series 5Golem Picture BookOmastar Picture BookMachamp Picture BookGengar Picture Book
ADV-P Promotional cardsPLAY Promotional cards
Expansion Pack: Treecko Constructed Starter DeckTorchic Constructed Starter DeckMudkip Constructed Starter Deck
Miracle of the Desert
Rulers of the Heavens: Flygon Constructed Starter DeckSalamence Constructed Starter Deck
Movie Commemoration VS PackMagma VS Aqua: Two AmbitionsMagma Deck KitAqua Deck KitGift Box
Undone Seal: Metagross Constructed Starter Deck
PCG-P Promotional cards
Venusaur/Charizard/Blastoise Random Constructed Starter Decks
Flight of Legends
Clash of the Blue Sky: Deoxys Constructed Starter DeckRayquaza Constructed Starter Deck
Movie Commemoration VS Pack: Sky-Splitting Deoxys
Rocket Gang Strikes Back: Black Deck KitSilver Deck Kit
Gift Box EmeraldQuick Construction PacksMeganium Constructed Starter DeckTyphlosion Constructed Starter DeckFeraligatr Constructed Starter DeckPokéPark Premium Files
Golden Sky, Silvery Ocean
Mirage Forest: Mirage's Mew Constructed Starter Deck
Master KitMovie Commemoration VS Pack: Aura's LucarioHolon Research Tower Fire Quarter DeckHolon Research Tower Water Quarter DeckHolon Research Tower Lightning Quarter Deck
Holon Research Tower
Gift Box Mew • Lucario
Holon Phantom
Miracle Crystal: Earth's Groudon ex Constructed Starter DeckOcean's Kyogre ex Constructed Starter Deck
Offense and Defense of the Furthest Ends: Shockwave! Tyranitar ex Constructed Standard DeckImprison! Gardevoir ex Constructed Standard Deck
Movie Commemoration VS Pack: Sea's Manaphy
Diamond & Pearl Series
DP Black Star Promos
Diamond & Pearl: Terra FirmaInferno ZoneRoyal Frost
Mysterious Treasures: Skull ChargeArmor Fortress
Diamond & Pearl Trainer KitPOP Series 6
Secret Wonders: LavaflowPowerhouse
Great Encounters: Eternal TimeInfinite SpaceEndless Night
POP Series 7
Majestic Dawn: Polar FrostForest Force
Legends Awakened: Metal SurgeBombardment
POP Series 8
Stormfront: Raging SeaDark Rampage
DP Era
DP-P Promotional cardsPPP Promotional cards
Entry Pack
Space-Time Creation: Random Construction Starter Deck
Secret of the Lakes: Bastiodon the DefenderRampardos the Attacker
World Champions Pack
Shining Darkness: Dialga LV.X Constructed Standard DeckPalkia LV.X Constructed Standard Deck
10th Movie Commemoration Set
Moonlit PursuitDawn Dash: Magmortar vs Electivire Deck Kit
Entry Pack '08
Cry from the MysteriousTemple of Anger: Heatran vs Regigigas Deck Kit
Intense Fight in the Destroyed Sky: Giratina vs Dialga Deck Kit
11th Movie Commemoration Set
Platinum Series
Platinum: FlourishRebellion
POP Series 9
Rising Rivals: Cutting EdgeDrill Point
Supreme Victors: IgnitionOverflow
Arceus: FlamemasterStormshaper
Pokémon Rumble
DPt Era
DPt-P Promotional cards
Galactic's Conquest: Entry Pack DPt
Gift Box DPt
Bonds to the End of Time: Infernape vs Gallade SP Deck Kit
Beat of the Frontier: Garchomp vs Charizard SP Deck Kit
Collection Packs
Advent of Arceus: Arceus LV.X Deck: Grass & FireArceus LV.X Deck: Lightning & Psychic
Melee! Pokémon ScramblePokémon Battle Tour 09 Challenge DeckMovie Commemoration Random Pack
HeartGold & SoulSilver Series
HGSS Black Star Promos
HeartGold & SoulSilver: Growth ClashEmber SparkMind Flood
HS Trainer Kit
Unleashed: Chaos ControlSteel Sentinel
Undaunted: NightfallDaybreak
Triumphant: Royal GuardVerdant Frost
Call of Legends Series
Call of Legends: ReconRetort
L-P Promotional cards
HeartGold CollectionSoulSilver Collection: Random Basic Pack
Battle Starter DecksLeafeon vs Metagross Expert Deck
Reviving Legends: Steelix Constructed Standard DeckTyranitar Constructed Standard Deck
Lost LinkPikachu World 2010
Clash at the Summit
Black & White Series
BW Black Star Promos
Black & White: Green TornadoRed FrenzyBlue Assault
McDonald's CollectionBlack & White Trainer Kit
Emerging Powers: Power PlayToxic Tricks
Noble Victories: Fast DazeFurious Knights
Next Destinies: Explosive EdgeVoltage Vortex
Dark Explorers: ShadowsRaiders
McDonald's Collection 2012
Dragons Exalted: DragonSpeedDragonSnarl
Dragon Vault
Boundaries Crossed: Ice ShockCold Fire
Plasma Storm: Plasma ClawPlasma Shadow
Plasma Freeze: Frost RayPsy Crusher
Plasma Blast: Mind WipeSolar Strike
Red Genesect CollectionMcDonald's Collection 2013
Legendary Treasures
BW Era
BW-P Promotional cards
Journey PartnersBeginning Set
Black CollectionWhite Collection
Battle Strength DecksBattle Theme Deck: Victini
Red Collection
Psycho DriveHail Blizzard
Reshiram-EX Battle Strength DeckZekrom-EX Battle Strength DeckBattle Gift Set: Thundurus vs Tornadus
Dark Rush
Dragon Selection
Dragon BlastDragon Blade: Hydreigon Half DeckGarchomp Half Deck
Keldeo Battle Strength DeckNational Beginning Set
Freeze BoltCold Flare
Plasma Gale: Team Plasma's Powered Half Deck
Master Deck Build Box EXBlack Kyurem-EX Battle Strength DeckWhite Kyurem-EX Battle Strength DeckTeam Plasma Battle Gift SetEveryone's Exciting Battle
Spiral ForceThunder Knuckle
Shiny Collection
Megalo Cannon: Blastoise + Kyurem-EX Combo Deck
EX Battle BoostMewtwo vs Genesect Deck Kit
XY Series
XY Black Star Promos
Kalos Starter Set: Chespin DeckFennekin DeckFroakie Deck
XY: Resilient LifeDestruction Rush
XY Trainer Kit
Flashfire: Mystic TyphoonBrilliant Thunder
McDonald's Collection 2014
Furious Fists: Dark HammerEnchanted Echo
Battle Arena Decks: Xerneas vs. Yveltal
Phantom Forces: Burning WindsBolt Twister
XY Trainer Kit: Bisharp & Wigglytuff
Primal Clash: Earth's PulseOcean's Core
Double CrisisXY Trainer Kit: Latias & Latios
Roaring Skies: Aurora BlastStorm Rider
Ancient Origins: Iron TideStone Heart
Battle Arena Decks: Mewtwo vs. Darkrai
XY Era
XY-P Promotional cards
XY Beginning Set
Collection XCollection Y
Xerneas Half DeckYveltal Half Deck
Wild Blaze: M Charizard-EX Mega Battle Deck
Rising Fist
Phantom Gate: Hyper Metal Chain Deck
Super Legend Set: Xerneas-EX & Yveltal-EX
Gaia VolcanoTidal Storm
Magma Gang VS Aqua Gang: Double Crisis
Emerald Break: M Rayquaza-EX Mega Battle Deck
Bandit Ring
Legendary Shine CollectionEmboar-EX vs Togekiss-EX Deck KitM Master Deck Build Box Power StyleM Master Deck Build Box Speed Style
BREAKthrough: Burning SparkNight Striker
McDonald's Collection 2015
BREAKpoint: Wave SlasherElectric Eye
GenerationsXY Trainer Kit: Pikachu Libre & Suicune
Fates Collide: Fates Collide Prerelease KitSky GuardianBattle Ruler
Steam Siege: Steam Siege Prerelease KitGears of FireRing of Lightning
McDonald's Collection 2016Battle Arena Decks: Rayquaza vs. KeldeoArticuno Legendary Battle DeckZapdos Legendary Battle DeckMoltres Legendary Battle Deck
Evolutions: Evolutions Prerelease KitMewtwo MayhemPikachu Power
Red FlashBlue Shock: Raichu BREAK Evolution PackNoivern BREAK Evolution Pack
Golduck BREAK + Palkia-EX Combo Deck
Rage of the Broken Heavens
Grass/Fighting Battle Strength SetFire/Lightning Battle Strength SetWater/Psychic Battle Strength SetPokéKyun CollectionBREAK Starter Pack
Awakening Psychic King: Zygarde-EX Perfect Battle DeckM Audino-EX Mega Battle Deck
Premium Champion Pack
Fever-Burst FighterCruel Traitor
Mythical & Legendary Dream Shine CollectionExpansion Pack 20th Anniversary
Sun & Moon Series
SM Black Star Promos
Sun & Moon: Forest ShadowRoaring HeatBright TideSun & Moon Prerelease Kit
Sun & Moon Trainer Kit: Lycanroc & Alolan Raichu
Guardians Rising: Guardians Rising Prerelease KitSteel SunHidden Moon
Lugia Legendary Battle DeckHo-Oh Legendary Battle DeckBattle Arena Decks: Black Kyurem vs. White Kyurem
Burning Shadows: Burning Shadows Prerelease KitRock SteadyLuminous Frost
McDonald's Collection 2017Shining Legends
Crimson Invasion: Crimson Invasion Prerelease KitDestruction FangClanging Thunder
Ultra Prism: Ultra Prism Prerelease KitImperial CommandMach Strike
Forbidden Light: Forbidden Light Build & Battle BoxTropical TakedownTwilight Rogue
Sun & Moon Trainer Kit: Alolan Sandslash & Alolan NinetalesMcDonald's Collection 2018
Celestial Storm: Celestial Storm Build & Battle BoxLeaf ChargeHydro Fury
Battle Arena Decks—Mega Charizard X vs. Mega BlastoiseDragon Majesty
Lost Thunder: Lost Thunder Build & Battle BoxBlazing VolcanoStorm Caller
Team Up: Team Up Build & Battle BoxRelentless FlameTorrential Cannon
Detective Pikachu
Unbroken Bonds: Unbroken Bonds Build & Battle BoxLightning LoopBattle Mind
Let's Play, Pikachu!Let's Play, Eevee!
Unified Minds: Unified Minds Build & Battle BoxSoaring StormLaser Focus
Hidden FatesMcDonald's Collection 2019Battle Arena Decks—Rayquaza-GX vs. Ultra Necrozma-GX
Cosmic Eclipse: Cosmic Eclipse Build & Battle BoxTowering HeightsUnseen Depths
Sun & Moon Era
SM-P Promotional cards
Pikachu's New Friends
Collection SunCollection Moon: Sun & Moon Starter SetPremium Trainer Box
Rockruff Full Power DeckTogedemaru DeckTurtonator DeckStrength Expansion Pack Sun & Moon
Islands Await YouAlolan Moonlight: Tapu Bulu-GX Enhanced Starter Set
Facing a New TrialThe Best of XYAsh vs Team Rocket Deck Kit
To Have Seen the Battle RainbowDarkness that Consumes Light
Shining Legends
Awakened HeroesUltradimensional Beasts
GX Battle BoostSolgaleo-GX & Lunala-GX Legendary Starter Set
Ultra SunUltra Moon: Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon Premium Trainer Box
Ultra ForceUltra Sun & Ultra Moon Deck Build Boxes
Forbidden Light
Dragon StormChampion Road
Sky-Splitting Charisma
Thunderclap SparkGX Starter DecksFairy Rise
Super-Burst Impact
Dark OrderGX Ultra ShinyEevee-GX Starter Sets
Tag Bolt: Tag Team GX Premium Trainer Box
Night UnisonTrainer Battle DecksFull Metal Wall
Double Blaze: Tag Team GX Deck Build Box
Sun & Moon Family Pokémon Card GameGG EndSky LegendGreat Detective Pikachu
Miracle Twin: Tag Team GX Starter Sets
Remix BoutDream League
Alter Genesis
Tag All StarsExtra Regulation Box
Sword & Shield Series
SWSH Black Star Promos
Sword & Shield: Sword & Shield Build & Battle BoxRillaboom Theme DeckCinderace Theme DeckInteleon Theme Deck
Rebel Clash: Rebel Clash Build & Battle BoxZacian Theme DeckZamazenta Theme Deck
Pikachu & Zekrom-GX League Battle DeckReshiram & Charizard-GX League Battle DeckBattle Academy
Darkness Ablaze: Darkness Ablaze Build & Battle BoxGalarian Darmanitan Theme DeckGalarian Sirfetch'd Theme Deck
Pokémon FutsalChampion's Path
Vivid Voltage: Vivid Voltage Build & Battle BoxCharizard Theme DeckDrednaw Theme Deck
Zacian V League Battle DeckV Battle Deck—Venusaur vs. BlastoiseMcDonald's Collection 2021
Shining Fates
Battle Styles: Battle Styles Build & Battle Box
V Battle Deck—Victini vs. GardevoirInteleon VMAX League Battle Deck
Chilling Reign: Chilling Reign Build & Battle Box
Evolving Skies: Evolving Skies Build & Battle Box
CelebrationsV Battle Deck—Rayquaza vs. Noivern
Fusion Strike: Fusion Strike Build & Battle Box
Single Strike Urshifu VMAX League Battle DeckRapid Strike Urshifu VMAX League Battle Deck
Brilliant Stars: Brilliant Stars Build & Battle BoxV Battle Deck—Lycanroc vs. Corviknight
Battle Academy 2022
Astral Radiance: Astral Radiance Build & Battle Box
Pokémon GO: Pokémon GO V Battle Deck—Mewtwo vs. Melmetal
Ice Rider Calyrex VMAX League Battle DeckShadow Rider Calyrex VMAX League Battle Deck
McDonald's Collection 2022
Lost Origin: Lost Origin Build & Battle Box
Silver Tempest: Silver Tempest Build & Battle Box
Sword & Shield Era
S-P Promotional cards
V Starter Sets
SwordShield: Sword & Shield Premium Trainer Box
Zacian + Zamazenta BoxVMAX Rising
Rebellion Crash
Charizard & Grimmsnarl VMAX Starter SetsExplosive Walker
Infinity Zone
Legendary HeartbeatV Starter Decks
Amazing Volt Tackle
VMAX Special SetShiny Star V
Venusaur & Blastoise VMAX Starter Sets
Single Strike MasterRapid Strike Master: Single Strike & Rapid Strike Premium Trainer Boxes
Peerless Fighters
Silver LanceJet-Black Spirit: Silver Lance & Jet-Black Spirit Jumbo Pack Set
Eevee HeroesEevee Heroes VMAX Special SetHigh-Class Decks
Skyscraping PerfectionBlue Sky Stream: Sword & Shield Family Pokémon Card Game
V-UNION Special Card Sets
Fusion Arts
25th Anniversary CollectionPromo Card Pack 25th Anniversary Edition
Zacian & Zamazenta vs Eternatus Special Deck Set
VMAX ClimaxStart Deck 10025th Anniversary Golden Box
Star Birth
Battle RegionVSTAR Starter Sets
Time GazerSpace Juggler
Dark PhantasmaPokémon GO
Lost Abyss: VSTAR & VMAX High-Class Decks
VSTAR Special SetIncandescent Arcana
Paradigm Trigger
Taiwanese and Hong Kong exclusive releases
All Stars Collection: All Stars Collection GX Starter Deck
SM-P Promos
Dreams Come True Collection: Dreams Come True Collection GX Starter Deck
Double Burst: Double Burst GX Starter Deck
Legendary Clash: Legendary Clash GX Starter Deck
Sword & Shield: Sword & Shield V Starter Deck
Infinite Power: Infinite Power V Starter Deck
S-P Promos
Partners V Starter Deck
Premium Strength Box
Challenge V Starter Deck
Evolution V Starter Deck
Strength V Starter Deck
Mainland China exclusive releases
Storming Emergence: Storming Emergence GX Starter Deck
Thai and Indonesian exclusive releases
Thai SM-P PromosIndonesian SM-P Promos
First Impact: First Impact GX Starter Deck
Legends Awakened: Legends Awakened GX Starter DecksLegends Awakened Random GX Starter Deck
Hidden Shadow: Hidden Shadow GX Starter DecksHidden Shadow Random GX Starter Deck
Sky Ruler: Thai Sky Ruler GX Starter DeckIndonesian Sky Ruler GX Starter Deck
Double Burst: Double Burst GX Starter Deck
Legendary Clash: Legendary Clash GX Starter Deck
Tag Team Collection: Tag Team Collection GX Starter Deck
Thai S-P PromosIndonesian S-P Promos
Sword & Shield: Sword & Shield V Starter Deck
Partners V Starter Deck
Shiny VMAX Collection
Challenge V Starter Deck
Evolution V Starter Deck
Strength V Starter Deck
Awakening V Starter Deck
Korean exclusive releases
Black Star Promos
Start of an Adventure: Torterra/Infernape/Empoleon/Raichu Random Constructed Half Decks
Burning Confrontation
Collapse of Time & Space: Dialga DeckPalkia Deck
Another World
Mystical Seven
Dark Side of the Crescent Moon: Cresselia DeckDarkrai Deck
Hidden Powers
Colorful Legends
Miracle of the Lakes
Guardians of Ancient Times
BW Black Star Promos
Evolution of GrassEvolution of FireEvolution of Water
XY-P Black Star Promos
Evolution of ChespinEvolution of FennekinEvolution of Froakie
Raichu BREAK Half DeckNoivern BREAK Half Deck
SM-P Promos
Lycanroc-GX Full Power Battle Starter SetRaikou-GX Starter Set LightningTag Team GX Power Up BoxRandom Half Deck
Miscellaneous releases
Unreleased Wizards sets: CrosstrainerLegendary Collection 2Jamboree
Miscellaneous Promotional cards: Prerelease cardsW Promotional cardsWinner cardsJumbo cardsYellow A Alternate cards