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Shirudomiria's Scorbunny
剣創人のヒバニー Shirudomiria's Hibanny
Shirudomiria Scorbunny Adventures.png
Shirudomiria's Scorbunny
Debuts in Sword & Shield chapter
Caught at Unknown
Gender Unknown
Ability Unknown
Current location With Shirudomiria
This Pokémon has not evolved.

Shirudomiria's Scorbunny (Japanese: 剣創人のヒバニー Shirudomiria's Hibanny) is the sixth known Pokémon that Shirudomiria Tate owns in Pokémon Adventures.


Scorbunny and Shirudomiria

Scorbunny first appeared in the Sword & Shield chapter, watching Sōdo Tsurugi as he did maintenance on Sirfetch'd's leek. Later that day, it was used in a mock Raid Battle to help teach Marvin about battling. Scorbunny attacked a holographic Dynamaxed Pangoro with Ember alongside Sōdo's Grookey's Leafage. This showed Marvin how to look for openings in battles.

While traveling, the group's truck accidentally run over a group of Drednaw, resulting in a flat tire. While trying to find the cause of it, the Drednaw attacked. Using its incredible speed, Scorbunny distracts the three Drednaw, burning one in the process. With its speed dropped, Scorbunny was able to outmaneuver it, though this caused the Bite Pokémon to trip over its companion and send it straight towards Scorbunny, resulting in a double knockout.

Later, a pair of Team Yell Grunts tried to destroy the new uniforms that Shirudomiria and Sōdo received. Scorbunny, along with Ransun, distracted them long enough for Sutikkun to drive them near a Pokémon Den. This allowed its Trainer to push the grunts into it and force them into a Max Raid Battle against a wild Gurdurr. Working together, the four were able to defeat the Gurdurr. Afterwards, it was caught by Sōdo and named Tekkotsun.

Personality and characteristics

Scorbunny is generally seen smiling and upbeat but tends to get more serious during battles. It is able to light the pads on its feet on fire, which shows that it is ready to fight.

Moves used

Shirudomiria Scorbunny Ember Adventures.png
Using Ember
Move First Used In
Ember Sword & Shield chapter
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.

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