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Rotom Pokédex
ロトム図鑑 Rotom Zukan
Moon Rotom Adventures.png
As a Rotom
Rotom Pokedex Adventures.png
Moon's Rotom Pokédex
Debuts in The Grand Entrance and Delivery Boy Sun
Caught in Going Ashore and Neighboring Akala Island
Caught at Near Iki Town
Gender Genderless
Ability Unknown
Current location With Moon
This Pokémon is fully evolved.

The Rotom Pokédex (Japanese: ロトム図鑑 Rotom illustrated encyclopedia) is a Pokémon that Moon owns in Pokémon Adventures and her fourth overall. It originally traveled with Moon to Alola before being given to Professor Kukui who put it in Moon's Pokédex.


Rotom and Moon

Prior to the start of the Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon chapter Professor Kukui searched the entire world in order to find a Rotom to inhibit the Rotom Pokédex. His request was eventually answered and Rotom was arranged to be given to Kukui from Mr. Berlitz. Due to its weakness Rotom was unable to be delivered electronically, so it had to be hand-delivered from Sinnoh to Alola by Moon, whose pharmaceutical skills kept it healthy along the way.

Rotom first appeared in The Grand Entrance and Delivery Boy Sun, with Moon on the Hau'oli City Beachfront as Moon asks the Plasma Pokémon if Alola suited her character. After running into Sun Rotom takes an interest in his Pokédex. Soon after the group was attacked by a Team Skull Grunt's Salandit, with Rotom unable to do anything but watch. After Sun defeats the Team Skull Grunts he offers to take Rotom and Moon to Professor Kukui, which Moon agrees to.

Rotom is soon delivered to Kukui who is overcome with joy that the Plasma Pokémon has finally arrived. Kukui has Sun take out his Pokédex and tells Rotom to possess the device. Rotom inspects the Pokédex with great interest and attempts to enter before immediately fleeing from the machine in disgust. Kukui then notices that the Pokédex is sticky, has scratches on it, and smells. Sun then informs the professor that this is likely from his mistreatment of the Pokédex and Kukui attacks Sun in rage.

Sometime after that Kukui told Moon that he had an extra Pokédex and Moon asked if she could have it, which he agreed to. Once hers Rotom decided to possess the Pokédex owned by Moon. In The Final Match and a Surprising Finale! Rotom returns Sun's Pokédex to him while they travel to Akala Island. Once they arrive on the island Rotom gives Moon information about Alolan Marowak during Sun and Kiawe's battle, helping her better understand Alola forms.

In Defeat and the Commander of the School of Fish, Moon traveled to Lush Jungle with Mallow to find a Mirage Berry. There, they found Tapu Lele in battle with a Xurkitree. Not knowing anything about the Ultra Beast, Rotom went up to Xurkitree to try and record data on it. Xurkitree retaliated by shooting Rotom with a powerful Electric attack, forcing it to fall to the ground and shut down. When Rotom later reactivated itself, it could only utter one word: "Necrozma".

While traveling from Akala Island to Ula'ula Island in PASM15, Professor Kukui's yacht was attacked by a wild Bruxish. Though Sun managed to defeat the Pokémon, he, Lillie, and Rotom ended up separated from Moon and the others. When doing his second trial at the site of the former Thrifty Megamart, Sun was given the task of taking a photo of the Totem Pokémon that lived inside. Shortly after entering the area, Sun and Lillie were attacked by the Totem Pokémon, a Mimikyu, which destroyed the camera Acerola gave him for the trial. While Sun had Dollar battle Mimikyu, Rotom revealed itself and let Sun use its Poké Finder function to replace the broken camera. As the battle went on, Rotom translated Mimikyu's speech to reveal that it was angry at Sun for insulting its ragged appearance, as other humans had did in the past. After encouraging Mimikyu to find companions who would appreciate it despite how it looked, Sun added Mimikyu to his team and gave it the nickname Franc. Rotom took a picture of Sun and Franc together and emailed it to Acerola, successfully completing the trial. Afterward, Sun thanked Rotom for his help and suggested it join his team, which Rotom rejected, preferring to stay with Moon.

By the time Moon arrived in Ultra Space, Rotom had rejoined her. Using the powers of the Pokédex, it was able to sense a Lunala, who would be able to take them all back to their world. Upon finding it, they discovered the Ultra Recon Squad members Zossie and Dulse riding it.

Personality and characteristics

Rotom displaying Pokémon information

Rotom is very weak compared to normal Rotom and cannot handle being electronically transferred. It was shown to have an interest in the Pokédex even before possessing one. Rotom has a great fondness for Moon as it was shown to be very angry when she was attacked by a Team Skull Grunt and choose to possess her Pokédex over Sun's. It also enjoys traveling with her and likes that she acts on logic and reasoning. Rotom has a strained relationship with Sun and often berates him and is shown irritated with him, once turning down Sun's offer to join his team as it preferred to stay Moon's Pokémon. After Rotom inhabited the Pokédex it often gives others helpful advice about the Pokémon around them. As a Pokédex Rotom has the ability to scan Pokémon and give information on them, translate speech between humans and Pokémon, act as a camera, send emails, and find previously seen Pokémon.


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