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Prof. Pine
Age 17
Gender Male
Hometown Brookbridge Town
Region Oceanic
Relatives Charles Pine (father), Elizabeth Pine (mother), Oliver and Alexander Pine (brothers), Rose Pine (sister)
Trainer class Pokemon Professor

  • Hi, I'm Professor Pine of the Oceanic Region, pleased to meet you!
  • I was born in the Oceanic region in the town I live in now, Brookbridge. I spent my early childhood mostly in Oceanic, although I had a couple of holidays to the Kanto region. At the age of 11 I went to the Hoenn region, where I recieved my first pokémon, a Swampert, who has stayed with me ever since. Since then I have explored the Hoenn region 5 times, the Kanto region 4 times, Sinnoh twice, Orre twice and Johto once, as well as returning to my home region of Oceanic to continue my studies, I hope to become the Head Pokémon Professor of Oceanic when the current Prof. Fern retires. I have already conducted much research into pokémon, for which I recently was awarded an honourary professorship.
  • News: I have finally legitimately completed the national dex on Platinum! (not including unrequired mystery event legendaries), I feel like a true pokemon master, to think that only a few months ago I was still a cheat is just, weird...
  • To visit my YouTube account, which includes a couple of pokemon related videos I made, click here.
  • My tags should tell you about me...

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