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Entei and Magcargo
Types used Fire
Major cards Entei, Magcargo, Oracle
Era 2003



Key cards

Typical deckist

The deck list appearing below is not official; it is meant to represent an average build of the archetype, not specifically constructed for any regional metagame. Being that this is merely an archetype, a player may wish to change any part of this deck when building his or her own version.

Quantity Card Type Rarity
Entei Fire Rare Holo
Entei Fire Rare
Magcargo Fire Uncommon
Slugma Fire Common
Cleffa Colorless Rare
Tyrogue Water Common
Oracle Su Uncommon
Town Volunteers Su Uncommon
Professor Elm T Uncommon
Bill T Uncommon
Dual Ball T Uncommon
Double Gust T Common
Focus Band T Rare
Fast Ball T Uncommon
Gold Berry T Uncommon
Healing Field St Uncommon
17× Fire Energy Fire E

Possible tech cards

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