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Pichachu-San was born on November 8th, 1994 in the USA. She started liking Pokemon at the age of six but didn't become a true Pokemon fan until seventh grade.She writes Pokemon stories and plans on becoimng a Pokemon author and Pokemon Manga artist.

Favorite Pokemon: Spr_4h_025_m.png Pikachu Spr_4h_149.png Dragonite Spr_4p_448.png Lucario

Favorite Gym Leaders: VolknerPlatinum.gif Volkner RoarkPlatinum.gif Roark FalknerHGSS.gif Falkner MortyHGSS.gif Morty ClairHGSS.gif Clair

Favorite Elite Four Members: FlintPlatinum.gif Flint KarenHGSS.gif Karen

Favorite Champions: CynthiaPlatinum.gif Cynthia LanceHGSS.gif Lance

Favorite Anime Characters: Pearlanime.PNG Barry