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I go by a ridiculous amount of names on the Internet... if you've ever met anyone named Giratina (♀ or ! at the end optional), Breloom, hoshidoragon, stunspore, Rentoraa-The-Luxray, Magnezone, or maybe even cling5643 if you can remember that far, then you've seen me. I am more active on Bulbapedia than I am on the forums, but I do check in every so often. I am no real fan of big, dynamic userpages, so forgive the meagerness; if you need to contact me, you can take a holler to Giratina! at BMGf or try your luck with any of the previous usernames.

Pokémon Likes/Dislikes

I honestly cannot think of any Pokémon I truly dislike (except for maybe Honchkrow >:I) but my favorites are easily Murkrow and Giratina.