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Mister E 13


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First off

Hello all, and welcome to my userpage here I will write about all aspects of my life (well mostly the Pokémon-related stuff). There will probably be a lot here so for a briefer idea of me just look at my usertags.

All about me

Well, I'm a guy living in Ottawa, Ontario, the capital of Canada. My first language was English but I've gone to French school my entire life so I speak it very well. That's probably even more than most of you want to know about me (or at least more than you should want to what you should want to know) so lets get to what you probably all want to know about.


The games

I've been a fan of the Pokémon games ever since I was five years old and they remain the area of the franchise in which I am the most interested so this section will probably be rather lengthy.

General information

As you will no doubt notice over the course of this section, I always choose the male character and always name him after me (except in Colosseum and XD where I used two variations of a common shortened form of my name). I have always chosen the Blue-er version when faced with pairs (except Pokémon Mystery Dungeon where I rented Red Rescue Team in order to free up the DS for my brother who rented Lost Magic or something). The habit of Blue-er games also creeped into other franchises such as Mega Man Battle Network. I nickname all of my Pokémon (except for the ones I don't intend to keep) usually in all caps though there are some exceptions. When restarting Pokémon games I also have a habit of writing down the nicknames and genders of all my Pokémon so I can get them similar ones all over again. Also, since Sapphire, I've always attempted to catch every Pokémon, with one of both genders whenever possible, and always starting with the lowest evolutionnary stage, catching them in the wild whenever possible. My teams are also always made up of six Pokémon whose family were all introduced in the generation of that region who can evolve at least once which are generally found fairly early in the game. I will post all of my teams here using the party template wherever I remember enough about them to justify it. I'm not really a competitive battler and I'm happy with my teams as they are so any critism probably won't be heeded however, I think it might be interesting to see what kind of Pokémon, moves, or nicknames you want to suggest to me so feel free to do so.


My first Pokémon game, I got it for Christmas many years ago. I had owned a guidebook for various GameBoy games before playing it that happened to touch on Red and Blue so I was rather ready for the challenges ahead of me.

Run #1

I have a distinct memory of having an older Blue file than the ones I actually remember playing. Other than that, and the fact that I probably started with a Charmander, I remember nothing about this run.

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Run #2

This is where it gets interesting, I once again picked Charmader and nicknamed it CHAR. Unfortunately, the two of us together were no match against Brock and I ended up catching a Pidgey, somehow, in a childish way, thinking that the little Flying-type would be super-effective against the Rock-types. "Pidge" couldn't do very much though and I ended up training it extensively in that big square-shaped patch of grass outside of Pewter City. I didn't end up using Char very much and it stayed a Charmeleon for the rest of the game. Pidge eventually growing into a level 100 Pidgeot. It would eventually be joined by a Gengar whose nickname I cannot recall due to the fact that it was an impronouncable jumble of the letters of the names Gastly, Haunter, and Gengar which I pronouced as "Gengshlaar" and the Silph Co. Lapras which I nicknamed La. Pidge would be my main battler since Quick Attack made it fast enough to KO anything it came across (including the Legendary Birds which I only saw as more training though I did get Zapdos for my PokéDex when my cousin traded me his momentarily in order to evolve my Haunter). In the end, I did catch Mewtwo in the Master Ball and started trying to level it up with the Exp. All near Viridian City. In other words, this was as much of my final team as I can remember:

Lv. ???
Lv. 100
Lv. 100
Spr 1b 131.png
Lv. 100
Spr 1b 150.png
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Run #3

After a friend of mine accidently released many of my Blue Pokémon (more on that later), I didn't play it for a long time. However, after I had finished with Sapphire, I decided to go through it yet again. This time, I used the level balancing techniques I used in Sapphire (more on that later too) and, though it would later be erased to allow for my brother to play it, I wrote down all the nicknames I gave my Pokémon this time around (which I might add as a subpage some day) so I might one day do a run #4 keeping things similar.

Lv. ???
Lv. ???
Spr 1b 020.png
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Lv. ???

Generation II

I kind of skipped this Gen although several of my friends have one. One of them went to the same babysitters as I did. I was so involved with that game that it could almost be considered one of mine (although you might notice that I didn't include the user tag). The two of us decided to attempt to catch all the Unown. One day I didn't really want to look for any more so he took my Blue game and, as a mock threat, he started releasing some of my Pokémon. I wouldn't have been upset as he had no intention of saving but he switched PC boxes which, in Gen I, saved the game deleting most of my Pokémon (including my three prized level 100s) which would later cause me to restart Blue. We did end up catching all the Unown and completing all the game's side quests but that was the closest I ever got to owning a Gen II game.


After having missed out on most of Gen II as far as both the games and show went, I was really excited for this game. One of my friends had gotten Ruby and I would often pester her to get more information about the games.

Run #1

I finally got Sapphire for my birthday and went through it. Hoenn is still my favorite region: it all just seems so connected. I once again picked the fire starter and was incredibly lucky when I got a female (of course I didn't know quite how lucky I was at the time). In addition to attempting to capture male and female of every Pokémon starting from the lowest evolutionnary level. I also, somewhat unconsciously, started my criteria of team selection: every member of my party had to evolve at least once and every member of thier line had to have been introduced in Gen III. My level balancing techniques also evolved slightly, instead of focusing on a few Pokémon, I would always train the one with the lowest level, this habit was then carried to other RPGs. I also made one of the biggest mistakes of my Pokémon life: I didn't include a Flying-type as a member of my main team, leaving me to have to use a PC whenever I needed quick transport. I had trouble with the Elite Four originally so my cousin (the same one who traded my Zapdos in Blue) suggested I leave the game with him over night. My Blaziken was the only one he saw "potential" in. So he took her and my Taillow through and kept going, slowly leveling up and using revives on Taillow's turn whenever Torchy fainted. I did finally beat the Elite Four but Torchy was grossly over-leveled. I later realized that I had, somewhere along the way, lost my Kyogre and decided to borrow a friend's game and transfer all my Pokémon through it to my new Sapphire. In the end, I just wrote down all their nicknames and genders so my team from run #2 is nearly identical, save for abilities and certain moves.

Run #2

I had a lot less trouble this time around. My team will be updated soon.


I had borrowed Colosseum from a friend (the same on I bugged about Hoenn) a long time ago. I ended up finding an old copy in a store. I didn't want to make a set team for the Orre games, since you never really know what Shadow Pokémon you'll get next, and decided to train them all. I work on all of the Pokémon equally, training them first in order of purification, then level, then order of capture. Unfortunately, this didn't leave them very advanced as far as levels go and they have yet to beat Nascour, I'll probalby keep trying at some point though.


I actually got XD before Colosseum but ended up restarting it after I got stuck in Colosseum. I used the same technique I used in Colosseum but I'm not terribly far yet. I do want to play this one some more though.


I rented this in the summer of 2007 in order to get a Manaphy. Planning to get my first event Pokémon led to a bit of an obsession with the little Water-type.


I got this game the first day it came out and still play it occasionally to this day. I continued my team-selection and training methods from Sapphire and still try to get male/female of every possible Pokémon. This has also led to massive breedings in order to get females of things such as starters and other Pokémon that are mostly male (although this has helped me fill my Ranch a little more). As well as the fact that I always pick the blue-er game, my choice was helped when I saw Palkia in an add for Battle Revolution and found it hideous. I continued to choose the Fire-type starter though it should be noted that I plan on taking Chikorita in any Johto game I play.

Shadows of Almia

I atually bought this Ranger game as I wanted to make sure that I would be able to get the Darkrai from it... and I did :D. I also made sure to fully complete the game: completing the Browser, and Capture arena as well as leaving myself in Chicole Villa with what I considered the "ultimate team" which I will post here soon.


As with many side games, I got this game solely for the Mew.


I can't wait to finally get to play through the region that I missed. The only part of my team that I've decided on so far is a Meganium, the rest will probably be added on throughout the game.

The anime

I used to watch the anime quite a bit but stopped eventually (probably somewhere in the Orange Islands). I also rented some Jotoh videos at some time and have seen some AG/DP episodes but only when it happens to be on.


I think I found this site through Google in the winter of 2008 I lurked on it and Serebii for a while checking for news of distributions and the like but eventually stopped going to Serebii because it was full of spoilers. Though things sometimes get spoiled for me here too, it doesn't feel so bad. I finally created my account in October 2008. Mostly I fix little things but am not afraid to make larger contributions every once in a while. I'm also not above going through large series of pages (such as all moves learned by a Pokémon) and tweaking them all in the exact same style. Also, seeing the time-based coding TTE put into Arceus's page made me want to make sure that all other multi-formed Pokémon had similar things and I feel that I've done a pretty good job. I'm also not bad at making templates so you can all feel free to ask me about either of those things.


  • I use a keyboard that can be set to French which I do mostly to type the "é".
    • I find it kinda funny when other users get yelled at for not doing it.
  • The "13" in my username comes from my birthdate, not my age, I'm actually older than that (exactly how much older you may never really know).