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Pokémon: Black & White

Picture Name Prediction Actual Comment
Cilan anime.png Cilan Tom Wayland Jason Griffith D'oh!
Dan.png Dan Billy Regan Eli James Didn't see that coming.
Don George BW anime art.png Don George Tom Wayland Marc Thompson Wrong.
Chili anime.png Chili Jason Griffith Lucien Dodge Shoulda put Ed Paul in here somewhere.
Cress anime.png Cress Billy Regan Tom Wayland Wrong but fine.
Fennel anime.png Fennel Erica Schroeder Therese Plummer The trend of giving one-time VAs to game NPCs continues.
Pierce.png Pierce Sean Schemmel Dan Green Didn't get that one right.
Daniela.png Daniela Lisa Ortiz Suzy Myers Looks like Tandra88 didn't win this one after all.
Karena.png Karena Never guessed Ula Hedwig Another one I didn't see coming.
Avery.png Avery Tom Wayland Rachel Butera That took a while to figure out.
Bianca anime.png Bianca Kether Donahue Erica Schroeder Wrong but fine.
Lenora anime.png Lenora Kayzie Rogers Norma Nongauza Son of a bitch.
Hawes anime.png Hawes Tom Wayland Gary Mack Again, didn't see that one coming.
Dr Zager.png Dr. Zager Sean Schemmel Marc Thompson Close.
Burgh anime.png Burgh Wayne Grayson
(fits when you consider who else he voiced,
as well as who else Bugsy's VA also voiced).
Billy Bob Thompson ...or not.
Burgundy.png Burgundy Some random new VA Suzy Myers Bull's-eye!
Sally.png Sally Erica Schroeder Eva Christensen Another victim of TPCi's horrid judgment. At least it isn't a major character...
Captain BW021.png Captain Tom Wayland Marc Thompson Slightly better judgment by TPCi.
Mayor of Castelia City.png Mayor of Castelia City Marc Thompson Billy Regan Didn't expect that.
Emmy.png Emmy Some random new VA Dani Marcus =P
Stephan.png Stephan Tom Wayland Darren Dunstan Not what I expected, but doesn't really matter.
Professor Icarus.png Professor Icarus Marc Thompson Vic Mignogna Wasn't expecting that either.
Alder anime.png Alder Sean Schemmel Scottie Ray Didn't expect that at all.
Georgia.png Georgia Some random new VA Brittney Lee Hamilton Score!
Drayden anime.png Drayden Dan Green Mike Pollock Dan Green would've made sense, TPCi...
Mr. Garrison.png Mr. Garrison Ed Paul Brian P. O'Halloran Well that kind of sucks.
Christie.png Christie Never guessed Carrie Savage No comment really.
Doyle.png Doyle Never guessed Leah Clark See above.
Mimi Audino.png Mimi Erica Schroeder Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld Wrong.
Luke.png Luke Tom Wayland Billy Bob Thompson No comment.
Mr. Matthews.png Mr. Matthews Marc Thompson Dan Green Not this time.
Freddy O Martian.png Freddy O'Martian Mike Pollock Tom Wayland See above.
Antonio.png Antonio Some random new VA Marc Thompson Wrong.
Emmanuel.png Emmanuel Some random new VA Tom Wayland Didn't get that right.
Omega BW039.png Omega Never guessed Bill Rogers Alright.
Sylvester BW039.png Sylvester Erica Schroeder Vic Mignogna Off by a long shot.
Dino.png Dino Dan Green Tom Wayland Wrong.
Misha.png Misha Never guessed Nathalie Frederick No comment.
Leon BW045.png Leon Jamie McGonnigal Billy Regan So near, yet so far.
Cliff.png Cliff Tom Wayland Christopher R. Sabat No comment.
Ingo anime.png Ingo Marc Thompson Marc Diraison They chose a different Marc.
Emmet anime.png Emmet Tom Wayland Wayne Grayson Not this time.

Pokémon Black & White: Rival Destinies

Part 1

Picture Name Prediction Actual Comment
Bianca father anime.png Bianca's father Never guessed Greg Abbey Whatever.
Elesa anime.png Elesa Emily Jenness * Eileen Stevens That was one of my first guesses! But not bad... Thanks Tom Wayland!
Erina.png Erina Never guessed Kate Peterson No comment.
Toby.png Toby Some random new VA Marc Thompson Wrong.
Robert BW054.png Robert Jamie McGonnigal Tom Wayland Wrong, but not too bad.
Robert grandfather.png Robert's grandfather Marc Thompson Bill Rogers See above.
Katharine.png Katharine Erica Schroeder Kerry Williams Didn't expect that one.
Bobby.png Bobby Some random new VA Darren Dunstan Wrong.
Clay anime.png Clay Never guessed Sean Schemmel Alright.
Charles anime.png Charles Some random new VA Dan Green Didn't get that one right.
Linda BW057.png Linda Never guessed Rebecca Soler Nothing wrong with that.
Doctor Ferrara.png Doctor Ferrara Marc Thompson Joe Rodriguez Incorrect.
Lewis.png Lewis Never guessed Josh Ruben No comment.
Cedric Juniper anime.png Cedric Juniper Marc Thompson Stuart Zagnit Wrong.
Mick BW065.png Mick Some random new VA Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld Wrong.
Sean.png Sean Some random new VA Eli James Wrong again.
Glenn.png Glenn Some random new VA Gary Mack Right!
Skyla anime.png Skyla Lisa Ortiz,
Erica Schroeder
Kerry Williams
Sarah Natochenny Didn't get any one of them right, but I see what they did there.
Miles.png Miles Marc Thompson H. D. Quinn They keep using random new VAs.
Ricky.png Ricky Some random new VA George Bailey Nailed it!
Montgomery.png Montgomery Never guessed Nicholas DiMichele See two above.
Edmund.png Edmund Some random new VA Tom Wayland Wrong.
Flora.png Flora Michele Knotz Lisa Ortiz Wrong again.
Angus.png Angus Never guessed George Bailey No comment.
Gail.png Gail Erica Schroeder Crystal Wilkinson See above.
Betty.png Betty Never guessed Emily Jenness Whatever.
Ferris.png Ferris Some random new VA Wayne Grayson Wrong.
Sierra.png Sierra Never guessed Samia Mounts No comment.
Shamus.png Shamus Some random new VA Billy Bob Thompson Wrong.
Brycen anime.png Brycen Jamie McGonnigal Benjamin Becker GOT HAGGER?????????
Rizzo.png Rizzo Bill Rogers Tom Wayland No comment.
Ricard Nouveau.png Ricard Nouveau Ed Paul H. D. Quinn No comment.
Mr Hatterly.png Mr. Hatterly Dan Green Marc Thompson See above.
Marigold.png Marigold Michele Knotz Emily Jenness Whatever.
Professor Malveaux.png Professor Malveaux Marc Thompson Sean Schemmel See above.
Case anime.png Case Tom Wayland Eli James See two above.
Jules BW082.png Jules Eli James Jason Griffith Wrong.
Mr Gold.png Mr. Gold Marc Thompson Marc Thompson Nailed it! My first accurate prediction!
Roxie anime.png Roxie Never guessed Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld Whatever.

Part 2

Picture Name Prediction Actual Comment
Jervis.png Jervis Some random new VA Sean Schemmel See above.
Chris BW088.png Chris Eli James Lisa Ortiz !!!
Manning.png Manning Tom Wayland Tom Wayland Bull's-eye!
Kenton.png Kenton Some random new VA Billy Bob Thompson No comment.
Shepherd.png Shepherd Marc Thompson Marc Thompson Nailed it!
Horatio.png Horatio Some random new VA Marc Thompson Wrong.
Simeon.png Simeon Some random new VA Didn't speak Why did I bother.
Marris.png Marris Michele Knotz Hilary Thomas Didn't see that.
Geraldo.png Geraldo Some random new VA Billy Bob Thompson Whatever.
Cassie.png Cassie Some random new VA Sarah Natochenny Wrong.
Cameron Unova.png Cameron Eli James Rory Max Kaplan No comment.
Marlon anime.png Marlon I don't know right now Ed Paul Whatever.
Layla BW095.png Layla Erica Schroeder Cristina Vee See above.
Ridley anime.png Ridley Dan Green
Some random new VA
Tucker Allan See three above. Also, while a Metroid villain is cool, there wasn't any reason to rename him.

Pokémon Black & White: Adventures in Unova

Picture Name Prediction Actual Comment
Moira.png Moira Some random new VA Lianne Marie Dobbs Got that one right.
Cher.png Cher Some random new VA Hilary Thomas But not this one.
Mona.png Mona Some random new VA Lisa Ortiz Or this one.
Ms Chandler.png Ms. Chandler Some random new VA Erica Schroeder Or this one.
Soren Rocko.png Soren and Rocko Erica Schroeder (both) Brian Hovland
Matthew Charles
Shannon.png Shannon Never guessed Carli Mosier Who?
Martha.png Martha Never guessed Erica Schroeder Whatever.
Virgil.png Virgil Eli James Tom Wayland That was my first guess!
Jeff.png Jeff Dan Green Ryan Stadler No comment.
Davy.png Davy Marc Thompson Wayne Grayson Wrong.
Radley.png Radley Never guessed Eli James No comment.
Mikael.png Mikael Never guessed Marc Thompson See above.
Ultimo.png Ultimo Marc Thompson Ryan Stadler See two above.
Kendrick.png Kendrick Some random new VA Brian Hovland Got that right.
Nanette.png Nanette Some random new VA Jessica Paquet Nailed it.
N anime.png N Wayne Grayson *
Some random new VA
Nicholas DiMichele Right on the second count.
Cheren anime.png Cheren Some random new VA Todd Haberkorn See two above.
Colress anime.png Colress Never guessed Eli James Whatever.
Aldith.png Aldith Some random new VA Lori Gardner Bull's-eye.
Ellie.png Ellie Michele Knotz Haven Paschall Whatever.
Travon.png Travon Dan Green Marc Thompson See above.
Schwarz and Weiss.png Schwarz and Weiss Some random new VA (both) Ryan Stadler
Benjamin Becker
Nailed 'em both.
Halsey.png Halsey Tom Wayland
Greg Abbey
Mike Liscio No comment.
Rhoder.png Rhoder Some random new VA Christopher Niosi Nailed it.
Ghetsis anime.png Ghetsis Bill Rogers * Bill Rogers Nailed it!
Anthea and Concordia anime.png Anthea and Concordia Some random new VA (both) Lianne Marie Dobbs
Haven Paschall
Right for both.
Barret.png Barret Marc Thompson Darren Dunstan Wrong.
Porter.png Parker Never guessed Francis Kelly No comment.
Mrs Ripple.png Mrs. Ripple Some random new VA Erica Schroeder Wrong.
Mr Shaw.png Mr. Shaw Marc Thompson ???
Teaque unmasked.png Teaque Tom Wayland Mike McFarland Wrong.
Tedesco.png Tedesco Bill Rogers Marc Thompson See above.
Cadbury.png Cadbury Eli James Mike Liscio See two above.
Gemma.png Holly Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld Cassandra Lee Morris Wrong.
Lotus.png Lotus Erica Schroeder Eva Christensen See four above.
Carlton.png Carlton Marc Thompson Marc Thompson Nailed it!
Alexa anime.png Alexa Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld Jessica Paquet Didn't get that one right.
Rodney.png Rodney Marc Thompson Sean Schemmel Thought so, he sounded like Morrison.
Clair BW anime.png Clair Erica Schroeder Hilary Thomas Didn't expect that.

Pokémon the Series: XY

Picture Name Prediction Actual Comment
Viola anime.png Viola Some random new VA Lori Gardner Nailed it.
Sherman.png Sherman Tom Wayland Jamie McGonnigal Wrong.
Meyer.png Meyer Bill Rogers Tom Wayland Wrong but fine.
Dolan.png Dolan Tom Wayland David Wills Didn't expect that.
Penelope XY013.png Penelope Erica Schroeder Dani Marcus No comment.
Lacy XY014.png Lacy Some random new VA ???
Elise.png Elise Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld ???
Wylie.png Wylie Marc Thompson Jason Griffith Didn't see that coming.
Carrie XY015.png Carrie Some random new VA ???
Lyn.png Lyn Some random new VA ???
Lena.png Lena Erica Schroeder ???
Sanpei.png Sanpei Tom Wayland Chris Patton Wrong.
Lord Shabboneau.png Lord Shabboneau Bill Rogers ???
Princess Allie.png Princess Allie Some random new VA Kate Bristol Nailed it.
Grant anime.png Grant Never guessed Cory Willis Whatever.
Rodman.png Louden Bill Rogers Dan Green Didn't expect that.
Thaddeus.png Thaddeus Marc Thompson H.D. Quinn Wrong.
Miette.png Miette Some random new VA Maggie McDowell Nailed it.
Gena.png Monarque Never guessed Brittney Lee Hamilton Whatever.
Grey XY027.png Gray Bill Rogers David Wills Wrong.
Florence.png Florence Some random new VA Haven Paschall See above.
Diantha anime.png Diantha Never guessed Vanessa Gardner No comment.
Kathi Lee.png Kathi Lee Some random new VA Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld See above.
Magnus XY028.png Magnus Some random new VA Bruce Warren Right.
Korrina anime.png Korrina Eileen Stevens Lisa Ortiz That'll do.
Gurkinn anime.png Gurkinn Marc Thompson Jason Griffith ...?
Mabel.png Maple Some random new VA N/A
Keaton.png Kanazawa Bill Rogers N/A
Moria.png Nami Eileen Stevens N/A
Instructor.png Attendant Tom Wayland N/A
Shauna anime.png Shauna I don't know right now N/A
Tierno anime.png Tierno I don't know right now N/A
Trevor anime.png Trevor I don't know right now N/A
Madame Catherine.png Madame Catherine Some random new VA N/A