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Welcome to Masatoshi's userpage
It's Thursday 30 May, 2024 in Uruguay.
Hi, I like cluttered and useless data!
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Hi, as you can see everywhere in this talk page, I'm Masatoshi, and I'm a Bureaucrat in Bulbapedia and a Senior Administrator in Bulbagarden Archives. I'm also the owner of #bulbapedia.

Who/what/why am I?

I'm a soldier at the Uruguayan Army working with computers, I also fix computers. My main goal is to become an English-to-Spanish-and-viceversa translator. I'm a tall and skinny guy (sack o' bones), being 176cm tall and 67 kg I'm a calm guy for most Bulbagarden-related issues, so fear not to talk to me, I will not bite (At least, not strongly, a tender nibble, if you ask...) you.

History in Bulbagarden

I joined in February 16, 2010 while being drawn closer due to the pretty templates over here (over 14 years ago) in the midst of the HeartGold and SoulSilver hype and my first day editing here was in March 7, 2010; while adding the Spanish variations for Who's That Pokémon? and fixing a typo in Recurring wild Pokémon in the anime. However, I didn't get to edit more often as I didn't see what else to help the wiki on. Months passed by while trying to do some grunt work, with unsuccessful attempts until January 2011, when I started updating the TCG articles with the new templates.

A few days later, I offer myself to help with the new naming convention in Archives, updating the sprites' filenames to what they are now. The event lasted throughout the month of February, during which I was temporarily promoted to Junior Administrator.

In March, on the verge of the English releases of Black and White, the wiki was locked down and I was promoted to Junior Administrator in Bulbapedia.

After months of fluctuating activity (mostly based in mass edits), I was promoted to Administrator in December 14, 2011. Not too long afterwards, I became a Senior Administrator, and due to my continuous efforts to help during a massive update, I was promoted to Bureaucrat in Bulbapedia on February 26, 2014. Currently, due to work, studies and future work, my activity has decreased but am still available for minor edits, but watching over the Recent Changes and ensuring that Bulbapedia remains to be the best Pokémon-related wiki there is. That's all I have to say about that. *steps off the podium*


Not yet. Wait for a few months and I'll make one.

Uh... I'm supposed to have a picture. I'll get back to you on that one day.
Name Masatoshi ()
Age 33
DOB Sat. June 23, 1990
Country Uruguay Flag.png uruguay
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brown
Userpage made by Masatoshi on 2012 A.D., you're not allowed to replicate this user page unless you have my permission. Got it?