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Flora is a term used to refer to the plant life in a given area, as well as fungi and bacteria. Much like the real world, various types of plants and fungi exist within the Pokémon World, most notably in the form of Grass type Pokémon but also in the form of items such as berries and apricorns.

Like the real world, flora plays a vital part of the ecosystem of the Pokémon World, providing an essential food source for both Pokémon and humans.

In the games

In the core series

Berry Tree

Main article: Berry

Introduced in the Generation II games, Berries any of several varieties of small, fleshy fruit that grow on trees.A Pokémon may hold it as an item and, if needed, eat it during a battle to heal itself or cause other effects. In Generation III onwards, these can be planted and harvested by the player. These Berries have names and designs based on real fruits and vegetables.

Apricorn Tree

Main article: Apricorn

Introduced in the Generation II games, Apricorns are fruits grow from trees like Berries, but have a tough outer skin and thus cannot be eaten without being processed in some way. They can be hollowed out and fitted with special devices to create Poké Balls.

Poké Beanstalk

Main article: Poké Bean

Introduced in Generation VII.



In the anime

Salveyo weed

Remeyo weed