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Hello, I'm Mark

I art 17 years old and am currently in school and would like to help with the Bulbapedia project in any way that I can! This will be my first article that i write so i guess will tell you a little about me. my favorite pokemon would be Umbreon


because of its family tree. i love the entire Eevee family beacuse of its diversity but I think the should do a Light and dark eevee evolution because it would include all of the elements, well the main ones anyways. I've like Pokemon for my entire life and am a geek and nerd about pokemon forever. although I do not not the little stuff about pokemon I enjoy the evolutions and the story plot and such and after you beet a game your still not finished with it because you can't finish it untill you catch all of the pokemon but then you still have to find out all of the codes and cheats. The First generation and the Second generation are the best. I would like to learn more about the pokemon legends and would like to work with someone on Bulbapedia on a specific project. contact me if you need any help!!!