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L'il Miss Yuki refuses to release any personal information about herself, other than the fact that she is a girl. L'il Miss Yuki was first introduced to Pokémon around the age of 7, when LMY and her sister were given a copy of Silver Version and a Game boy. LMY immediately became addicted and soon bought a copy of Pokemon Blue. LMY has bought at least one game from each generation including Ruby, LeafGreen, and Pearl. LMY is also bought a copy of Pokémon Pinball: Ruby & Sapphire and Pokémon Mystery Dungeon

L'il Miss Yuki believes she's too addicted to Super Contests. L'il Miss Yuki also tries to keep a balanced team in terms of levels. Which is the reason LMY often digs out underleveled Pokémon from her PC box and tries to travel through entire reigons from the starting town.

L'il Miss Yuki also became horribly to Generation III's secret bases, often blowing her game money on dolls. L'il Miss Yuki was a bit disappointed with the secret bases in Generation IV, but she is happy with the new Spheres. However, LMY has a tendency to let her Spheres grow too big and can't trade them in.

L'il Miss Yuki believes that Normal-types are teh pwnage. However, LMY likes to start out with water pokemon, and has done so for every Generation except Generation III, where she chose Torchic and Charmander.

L'il Miss Yuki has a weird affinity with nicknames. L'il Miss Yuki is also easily influenced, resulting in a Blaziken named Inuyasha, another Blaziken named UchihaSoul, a Lopunny named Usada (From DiGI Charat), a Luxray named Lumos (Harry Potter) and a Staraptor named Stardust (After the movie.).

L'il Miss Yuki is also wondering why she's typing in third person. >P

Random info

  • L'il Miss Yuki's Lopunny is a male. LMY thinks he's horrified to have the nickname 'Usada'.