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An archetype refers to any reoccurring trend that appears in multiple Pokémon main series games. These can range from similar Pokémon encountered by players, to characters that share several traits in common.

Human-based Archetypes

Pokémon Professors

Pokémon Professors are, typically, the first character introduced to players, introducing them to the world of Pokémon. They usually are the ones that give their players their starter Pokémon, and are all named after a type of tree.


Rivals are Pokémon trainers that appear over the course of the games. some rivals can be named by the player, and are usually the first battle the player has. The player battles the rival through the game, with the rival gradually growing in strength.

Rivals with an advantage

These rivals all pick the starter Pokémon that is strongest against the player's choice of starter Pokémon, or at least has a signature Pokémon with the type advantage over the player character.

Rivals with a disadvantage

These rivals all pick the starter Pokémon that is weakest against the player's choice of starter Pokémon.

Neutral Rivals

These rivals do not pick a standard starter Pokémon, and thus, are not meant to be at an advantage nor disadvantage compared to the player.

Villainous team leaders

These characters all lead one of the villainous teams, and act as the main antagonist of their game. Their motivations vary, but they typically seek to capture a strong Pokémon to take over the world.

Pokémon Champion

These are Pokémon Trainers are the highest ranked Trainers in their respective regions. They typically act as the final bosses of the game. Unlike Gym Leaders or the members of the Elite Four, they usually do not specialize in one type. After the player beats them, they become the new Pokémon Champion of their region. There is no Champion in the Alola region, as the player acts as the first Champion of the region, defending the title against opponents.

Pokémon-based Archetypes

Starter Pokémon

With two exceptions, each main series game has allowed player to choose between a Grass-, Fire-, or Water-type Pokémon as their first Pokémon. These are special Pokémon, are can usually not be found in the wild.

Grass-type Pokémon

Fire-type Pokémon

Water-type Pokémon

Early-route mammal Pokémon

These Pokémon are based on mammals, and are typically found on the first route of the game. They are all also Normal-type.

Early-route bird Pokémon

Early-route Bug Pokémon

Pikachu variants

Each of these Pokémon are based on rodents, and have several similarities to the Pikachu family. They are all Electric-type, and all have small circles on their cheeks to store electricity. They are the only Pokémon that can learn Nuzzle (although Pichu cannot) and all are also in the Fairy or Field Egg Groups. Marill, its evolutionary relatives, and Mimikyu are often considered as part of this archetype, but are not because they lack the Electric typing.

Pseudo-legendary Pokémon

Mew variants

A subset of Mythical Pokémon. Each of their base stats are 100 with a base stat total of 600, and share the same EV yield, with 3 HP EVs when defeated. They are available only as event Pokémon.