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This is a list of anime title cards of the Pokémon anime. The title card is shown near the beginning of every episode of the anime.

Main series

Screenshot Debut episode Final episode Description
Titlecard.png EP001 EP157*
EP181 Error.png EP158* EP209* An updated version of the original title card.
Master Quest Title Card.png EP210* EP274* The title card shows Ash's Johto Badges. The title card changes whenever a new Badge is obtained.
Original series Japan title card.png EP192* EP274* The title card shows Ash's Johto Badges. The title card changes whenever a new Badge is obtained.
Hoenntitlecard.png AG001 AG091* An icon of Ash's face is shown. The camera then zooms out to show a map of Hoenn showing the group's current location as the title appears in yellow lettering.
Hoenn Title Card 2.png AG092* AG133 A large Poké Ball spins around in front of a blue screen with dozens of other Poké Balls inthe background. Ash's Badge case rotates into view. As is moves to the left side of the screen May's Ribbon case appears. The two cases open to reveal Ash and May's current Badges and Ribbons, respectively. The title card changes whenever a new Badge or Ribbon is obtained.
Battle Frontier Title Card.png AG134 AG192 Pikachu is seen wearing Ash's hat. Ash comes into view as his hat moves over to his head. Pikachu jumps in front of Ash and together they strike a pose with May, Max, and Brock.
DP Title Card.png DP001 DP120* A Poké Ball rotates into view on a blue background full of shooting stars. The Poké Ball opens and releases a misty shower of sparkles downwards, revealing the episode title against a background of Space and Planets.
Diamond Pearl Second Title Card.png DP121 DP191* On a purple background filled with stars, Ash and Dawn's Badges and ribbons, respectively, fly towards the screen. Behind them appears a Poké Ball which flies past the screen and reveals the title between statues of Dialga and Palkia.
BW038 Error.png BW001 BW142* The Unova Pokédex appears on an orange background. The Pokédex opens up and the screen zooms in to the top screen. The episode title then appears on blue background with six Poké Balls around the screen.
Title Card XY.png XY001 XY140* Ash, Serena, Bonnie, and Clemont appear and strike a pose in front of white background with multiple Poké Balls on it. They are each highlighted by a band of blue, pink, yellow, and green respectively. One of the main characters or an important recurring character (in English dub, it is always Ash) appears on the right side of the screen. The screen then pixilates to reveal the title of the episode next to a Poké Ball on and old map of Kalos. In XY061, the Japanese version updates the title card to include Serena's new design, but the dub keeps her original design.
SM001 Present