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Hello! Welcome to the Hirokiworld page!!!!!! I joined Bulbapedia on January 11, 2009, my birthday, as a little present to myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been a

HUGE fan of the Pokemon anime and games and cards since like almost the start of the advanced generation series!!! I wasn't old enough to watch the originals.

I like the J Pop group Perfume!!!! My favorite songs of theirs are Macaroni, Dream Fighter, Polyrhythm, love the world, baby cruising love, computer city, and electro world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My articles on Bulbapedia will mostly be about the anime and games. I try to play the card game, but it is sometimes boring and is so much different than the other 2.

I like yu gi oh, and yu gi oh gx, but not yu gi oh 5ds. yu gi oh is probably the only card game i like!!!!!!!!!!!

My favorite foods are pizza and breadsticks, curry rice, and sesame snack sticks. (from pepperidge farms) [[Image: Piplup))