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In the winter of 1999, on one very ordinary day my family and I visited my grandparents' house. My cousin and his new step-brother was also there. He had his Game Boy Color, and had Pokemon Gold with him, so I, along with a few others, watched him. Surprisingly, it didn't look appealing to me, but I eventually got it anyway, because I kept wondering about how it could have a plot (all I ever saw was the battle screen). The game absolutely shattered my expectations, and I became hooked.

I did a single Pokemon run using my starter, Typhlosion, whom I had nicknamed Goku. I loved the game, and I eventually beat Red, and wanted more. Luckily, not too much later, Crystal came out and I played as a girl, and I continued to love it.

After that, I stopped playing the games. I let it slip to the back of my mind and never thought about this wonderful series again until I saw a commercial about Ruby and Sapphire on TV. When I did, all those countless hours of fun training up my Pokemon came back, and I had to have it. I rediscovered, and fell in love with the Pokemon series again.

I, having started on the GBC, never actually wanted to play the originals. My sister got them, but I never wanted to play them, until after I'd gotten Sapphire. For some reason, it made me want to play them so badly. By then, they'd stopped selling them, but I eventually got my sister's Yellow version. I played through it, and actually never got to play the originals.

But you know what happened next. FireRed and LeafGreen were released, and I had to get the originals to compare. I got Red version off Ebay, and I got my sister's, who had stopped disliking Pokemon by then, Blue version. They were much more fun than their graphics had led me to believe prior to that point.