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Hello! I'm from Turkey and I love Pokémon! I edit "Other Languages" parts and I generally add Turkish Language.

Thoughts about Pokémon

Pokémon was first a cartoon that I found with my sisters. They teach me some Pokémon for example Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee (and their name origins.) Then, I searched for it more and I saw how great Pokémon is. I decided to watch anime and I started with XY anime. It made me so excited about Pokémon and I am now a big fan of Pokémon.

Turkey is not a great country for being a Pokémon fan; even we don't have consoles and games here, we have dubbed anime so I can watch Pokémon XY and Sun&Moon anime!

My Games History

I don't have any console or game, because we can't find it in my country, but I finished playing Ultra Moon with an emulator. I'm currently playing Pokemon Y, which is my favorite game. I'm going for my fifth gym badge now!

And I want to play Alpha Sapphire when I finish Pokemon Y.

Why I am here?

Lots of pages that has "In Other Languages" category don't have Turkish translation. I am here to add Turkish translations to every page that doesn't have Turkish meaning. Also openings are included.

Contact With Me

If you want to talk to me please write me from Discord: Giz#8685!

My Study

Now, I'm on High School first class (Actually this in not my first year at school. I had an extra class for language before 9th grade.) I want to be a translator and travel all countries in the future!

Ultra Moon Hall Of Fame

Y Hall Of Fame