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Gizamimi Pichu
ギザみみピチュー Gizamimi Pichu
"I can has Grepa?"
Spr 4h 172N.png
Age 14
Gender Female
Hometown Ilex Forest
Region Johto
Trainer class Pokémon Breeder
Game counterpart Spiky-eared Pichu
Specializes in Electric-types
Partner Pikachu-colored Pichu


I used to be a user here a long time ago, but that ship has sailed. Besides, I'm not that age anymore, so my user name didn't fit me. However, due to the fact that I have been stalking watching BP and following it, I decided to come back for a while. Be good to me. Please.

AIM: SpikyEaredPichu

Email: Clicky.

Other: ポケモンWiki