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Fushigiras is a young Pokémon Trainer from a distant region.

He used to live with his father in a Pokémon Ranch.


On hand

Fushigiras's Growlithe

Growlithe originally belonged to Fushigiras' father. He gave it to Fushigiras when he decided to become a Pokémon Trainer.

Growlithe's known moves are Bite and Ember. It has a Naughty nature.

Fushigiras's Fushi

Fushigiras found Fushi as a Bulbasaur after it became separated from its family. Before meeting Fushigiras, Fushi's bulb was lost. This left the young Pokémon unable to nurture itself. Fushigiras tracked Fushi's family and got a new seed from its mother. When Fushi and its mother realized how much Fushigiras cared for Fushi, it decided to remain with him. It has since evolve into Ivysaur.

Fushi's known moves are Leech Seed, Vine Whip and Take Down. It has a Sassy nature.

Fushigiras's Giras

Fushigiras met Giras as a Larvitar while he was looking for a Fire Stone. There, Giras was battling a wild Charmeleon. When it lost the battle, Fushigiras offered to help it train. The training allowed it to learn Rock Slide, giving it the upperhand he needed to beat the Charmeleon.

Giras' known moves are Leer, Sandstorm and Rock Slide. It has a Brave nature.

At home

Fushigiras's Phanpy

Because Phanpy seems not to be interested in battling, Fushigiras opted to left it under the care of his father. It's unknown how Fushigiras met Phanpy.

Phanpy's only known attack is Odor Sleuth, which it uses to find truffles.