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This article is a proposed policy for Bulbapedia.

Please discuss the proposed policy and suggest possible changes on the article's talk page.

These trivia appear on a Pokémon's species page and are separated into three sections: General trivia, Name origin, and Origins.

General trivia

General trivia are any sort of relevant information that are interesting and informative. However, due to the fact that there are many information that may seem notable for some, the information must be interesting enough to be considered trivia.


  • Information widely considered being interesting that does not fit into another section of the article.
    • Example: Reshiram, as well as Zekrom, made an appearance alongside Pikachu and a Poké Ball in 2010's Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.
  • Errors or differences from or between any form of media such as the anime or the games.
    • Example: Mawile's Ruby Pokédex entry erroneously has its name spelled Mawhile. This mistake is only present in the American versions and was corrected for the English versions available in other regions.
  • Pokédex entries that include real world references or contradictions.
    • Example: Ponyta's Stadium Pokédex makes reference to it being able to jump over the Eiffel Tower, another reference to the real-life world. Tokyo Tower is referenced in the Japanese version instead.
  • Controversies, changes and issues outside and inside of Japan.
  • Pokémon with similar traits to another. This is only valid if comparing to the entire Pokédex, not a specific group (such as Starter Pokémon) as they may be too small of a group to consider notable.
  • Pokémon similarities to other characters from other series. Physical similarities are acceptable, however, if they only have one thing in common (such as only the color scheme being similar), it is then considered opinion. Also, this piece of trivia may be included in the origin sections.
  • Uniqueness are fine, as long as they are current to the latest generation and only unique to either a single Pokémon or a single evolutionary line. The following uniqueness are notable.
    • Type combinations.
    • Highest base stat total or stat of a type.
      • Ties between the highest stat or base stat total are acceptable.


  • Different Trainer, same Pokémon: Not worth mentioning as any Trainers can have the same Pokémon.
  • Different Pokémon, same moves or abilities: Like the above, many Pokémon may have the same moves or abilities as each other.
  • Stat drops or stat increases: Not rare, most Pokémon have their stats dropped or increased upon evolution.
    • Similarly, Pokémon that share base stats but different individual values are not notable as many Pokémon share this trait.
  • Speculation and opinion: Of course, adding speculation and opinion is frowned upon in Bulbapedia.
  • Overly specific trivia: Trivia should be easily understood and not too long and specific.
  • Meta game trivia: Since we are a wiki, there should not be any information about meta side of the franchise on the main articles.
  • Sprite trivia: Sprite trivia can easily be seen by just looking at the sprite box which is usually located directly above the trivia section.
  • Gen I related Pokémon being the first of something: Being the first generation of Pokémon, this is kind of expected.
  • Other ties that are not about Pokémon having the highest base stat or highest BST are unnotable. Tie involving overly specific things are also unnotable.
  • Trivia about density is not notable, as you cannot calculate density without knowing the object's volume.


These sort of trivia explain the possible origin of a single Pokémon. These are largely derived from in-game descriptions of the Pokémon, but for the most part, they are largely speculative. Copyrighted characters being the basis for a Pokémon's origin is not acceptable, unless there is official evidence that it is the case.

Name origin

These trivia explain the possible origin of a Pokémon's name, from all languages. The three main factors of name origins are spelling, pronunciation, and a word's relevance to the Pokémon.

The origin of English names are largely speculative unless the origin is obvious to identify. Japanese names must be handled by a user who has knowledge on the Japanese language. English name origins should appear above the Japanese name origins, unless both languages have the same name or the English name has not been announced yet.

Other languages must be compiled into a table underneath this section. Like Japanese names, foreign names must be handled by a user who speaks or has knowledge of that language. Note that pages of cities, towns, and characters have their own name origin section and this rule applies to those pages as well.

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