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There is a user account in YouTube, called MammiKunniaan2 (the original MammiKunniaan account was deleted), which produces a fandubbed version of the anime series Naruto, called "Nortikka". During the December 2009, they started releasing an Advent Calender called "Nortikka Se Joulukalenteri". There was revealed that the long-known character of Nortikka, Hatake Kakashi, had actually been a Pokémon Master in the past. Also a parody version of Ash appears, called "Äsh Ketsuppi". Because I like Nortikka and Pokémon, I added here these lists of Kakashi and Äsh's known Pokémon and also small introductions of the chracters themselves.

In 2011, Äsh got his own show, as MammiKunniaan2 started publishing a Pokémon fandub called "Påkeemån" (or "Påkeemon"). So far, two episodes of this fandub series have been released, called "NollaYks" (aired March 27, 2011) and "NollaKax" (aired January 5, 2012). The opening indicates that the entire series is actually a Pokémon game called "Mämmi Version".

Hatake Kakashi

Basic information

Hatake Kakashi (based on Kakashi Hatake) is one of the main characters of Nortikka, along with Nortikka (based on Naruto Uzumaki), Mallu (based on Sasuke Uchiha) and Sukisuki (based on Sakura Haruno). He is already known to be at least the teacher of these other main characters (thought he hasn't managed to teach them quite anything), a doctor (self-taught), a magician (sometimes very good, sometimes very poor), and a private detective (in which job his special eye can come quite in handy, in case it doesn't freeze or crash). He has also tried to take over the Nortikka show several times and rename it as "Hatake Kakashi: Extreme Makeover", but failed every time.

Trainer career

During "Nortikka Se Joulukalenteri 2009", it was revealed that Kakashi had once been an excellent Pokémon Trainer and managed to win himself the title of the Pokémon Master. Over the next three years, he effortlessly defended his title for twelve times, but eventually quit after his Bulbasaur died after a tough battle with Gary.


Status unknown

Kakashi's Scyther
There's nothing to be known about Kakashi's Scyther as it only has been briefly seen along with him in a flashback as Äsh told Nortikka, Mallu, and Sukisuki about Kakashi's past as a Pokémon Trainer. It's unknown if Kakashi still owns it after he quit his Trainer career.

None of Scyther's moves are known.

Debut Luukku 8 (2009)
Kakashi's Ditto
There's nothing to be known about Kakashi's Ditto as it only has been briefly seen along with him in a flashback as Äsh told Nortikka, Mallu, and Sukisuki about Kakashi's past as a Pokémon Trainer. It's unknown if Kakashi still owns it after he quit his Trainer career.

None of Ditto's moves are known, although it quite surely knew Transform, like all members of its species.

Debut Luukku 8 (2009)
Kakashi had this pet "snail", which he had nicknamed as "Wilfred". It was never seen alive, but its funeral was seen in Nortikka Episode 42. During Nortikka Se Joulukalenteri 2009, it was revealed to have been a Gastrodon and Kakashi's favourite Pokémon.

However, it is possible that Wilfred didn't actually die, as a shadowy snail was seen at the end of "Nortikka Se Elokuva: Suurrikollinen" as the boss of the "Style Police" (based on Akatsuki). The snail's true name and identity are, however, still unknown, as it was shadowed simply referred as "the boss".

None of Wilfred's moves are known.

Debut Nortikka Episode 42


Kakashi's Bulbasaur
Bulbasaur was one of Kakashi's original Pokémon, which he also used when he challenged and defeated the previous Pokémon Master. Three years after this, Bulbasaur got badly injured in Kakashi's battle against Gary, and, despite of Kakashi's Max Potion, died several hours after the battle. This was a very big shock for Kakashi, and caused him to give up his Pokémon Master title and quit his Trainer career.

Bulbasaur's only known move was Vine Whip.

Debut Luukku 8 (2009)

Äsh Ketsuppi

Basic information

Äsh Ketsuppi is an old friend of Kakashi. He is a Pokémon Trainer, but not so good. He has already challenged the Pokémon League for 57 times, and always lost. He is an expert of animals, and has updated his Pokédex to include data from animals and plants as well as Pokémon. This though caused the Pokédex to see every living creature as a Pokémon. Nortikka loaned it from Äsh during Nortikka Se Joulukalenteri 2009, and "accidentally" broke it.

In Nortikka

During Nortikka Se Joulukalenteri 2009, Kakashi called Äsh to help him, Nortikka and the others to find Santa Claus's (supposedly) missing reindeers. Later, after Nortikka had broken his Pokédex and he had revealed why Kakashi's had quit being a Pokémon Master (making Kakashi really angry), he flew away with his Articuno, telling that he was going to get another Pokédex from his home. Later he called back to Kakashi, telling that he had to stay away for a while in order top help Professor Oak, but in reality his mother just wanted him to clean up his room.
Later Äsh returned, but his Articuno didn't slow down during landing, event thought he was yelling it to do so, and they crashed into the house where Nortikka and company were spending their night. The accident caused Äsh's right arm to break off, and they had to get him a doctor. While Nortikka and Mallu were looking for one, Kakashi and Sukusuki found a reindeer and a doctor: Chopper. When Nortikka and Mallu returned, Chopper took Äsh to his hospital on the top of a mountain, so he was later able to spend Christmas with Nortikka and the others.
Äsh also reappeared in "Nortikka Se Joulukalenteri 2010" (published in December 2010), where he demanded Kakashi to take him to karaoke like he had promised during "Nortikka Se Joulukalenteri 2009". As Kakashi was trying to find a substitute for the injured Santa Claus at the time, Äsh volunteered to come and help him. Unfortunately, he crash-landed once again on his way, and was forced to take his Pikachu to the hospital.

In Påkeemån

In the Påkeemån episode "NollaYks", it was shown that Äsh started his journey in secret from her mother, who didn't want him to leave to the "outside world". From Professor Oak, Äsh got his Pikachu, which wasn't obeying him, but still saved him from a flock of Spearow (although he most likely did it for the joy of killing them).
In the episode "NollaKax", Pikachu was taken to be brainwashed at a Brainwash Clinic (aka Pokémon Center). In there, Äsh faced "Ropelliryhmä" (a parody of Team Rocket). He fought poorly, although he did manage to steal himself an Articuno and buy himself some time as the Hello Kitty he sent out ate Jesse's Ekans. When Jesse finally got her Ekans back, Äsh's Pikachu commanded a group of other Pikachu to attack Ropelliryhmä, causing an explosion that blew the Pokémon Center up. It's so far unknown what happened to Äsh and the others after that.


On hand

Äsh's Pikachu
Äsh first mentioned his Pikachu at the beginning of "Nortikka Se Joulukalenteri 2009's" fourth window, where he said that his Pikachu had escaped. It is also known that Pikachu was the one who caused Äsh's Pokédex's sensor to see all living creatures as Pokémon.

Despite of this, Pikachu appeared with Äsh during "Nortikka Se Joulukalenteri 2010", where he had got injured during Äsh's crash-landing, and was quickly taken to the hospital.

In the Påkeemån episode "NollaYks", it was shown how Äsh got Pikachu from Professor Oak. Pikachu had an odd personality, and he seemed to think he was Arnold Schwarzenegger. Despite not obeying Äsh, he still saved him from the attack of a flock of Spearow - although he did it by eating all the birds.

In the episode "NollaKax", Äsh was taking injured Pikachu to be taken care of, but he was caught by a male officer similar to Officer Jenny, who took him and Pikachu to the Brainwashing Pokémon Center, due to them violating an active curfew. Later, after a successful brainwash, Pikachu woke up, now thinking that he was Adolf Hitler, and commanded a group of other Pikachu to attack Ropelliryhmä, causing the whole Center to blow up and leaving everyone's fates unknown.

Pikachu's only known move is Thunder Shock.

Debut Luukku 5 (2009)
Äsh's Articuno
Äsh uses his Articuno to fly around, but its battling skills are unknown. It doesn't seem to listen to him very much, and often crash-lands during descend. Despite using Articuno to fly from one place to another, Äsh easily becomes sick while flying and (almost) always vomits during the flight or after it.

In the Påkeemån episode "NollaKax", it was revealed that Äsh stole Articuno from the Brainwashing Pokémon Center during a fight against Ropelliryhmä.

Articuno's only known move is Fly.

Debut NollaKax


Hello Kitty
In the episode "NollaKax", during a fight with Ropelliryhmä, Äsh threw a random Poké Ball, and Hello Kitty came out and ate Jesse's Ekans. It was then strangled by enraged Jesse, obviously causing it to throw up Ekans.
Debut NollaKax


  • There was no "Nortikka Se Joulukalenter 2011", but instead MammiKunniaan aired an Advent Calender based on their other fandub, "Merten Kolikko" (based on One Piece). That's why there's nothing about that to be told here.
  • In November 2012, MammiKunniaan announced that they were too busy for publishing an Advent Calender, and therefore no new Advent Calender was released in December 2012.
  • According to the MammiKunniaan's homepage, the third episode of Påkeemån is currently under making.