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Magic Coat flag means the move is reflected by Magic Coat status. Snatch flag means it is stolen by Snatch status. Muzzled flag means the move usage is prevented by Muzzled status. Frozen flag means the move can damage a frozen Pokémon. Taunt flag means the move usage is prevented by Taunt status. Protect flag means the move usage is is prevented by Protect status. Further information about how the move works move can be found below.
Games Base power Type Base PP Base accuracy Base crit. rate Range Magic Coat Snatch Muzzled Frozen Protect Taunt
MDRB Normal 0 —% —% Ahead
MDTDS — (1★) Normal (Other) 0 —% (1★) —% Ahead
BSL — (1★) Normal (Other) 0 —% (1★) —% Ahead
MDGtI Normal (Status) 0 —% —% Ahead
SMD Normal (Status) 0 —% —% Ahead

Pound deals damage and has no secondary effect.