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Emp Challenge

The EMP Challenge was originally created by Emporer15 in the year 2007. It remained a secret untill a suggested to a few people who claimed taking it was a massive difficulty. The challenge itself was considered the "Ultimate Challenge" by a few who tested it as it was more difficult than any other.


The rules are as the following and MUST be followed at any and all times.

1. The player must use only their Starter Pokémon for the first two gyms.

2. The player can only catch one pokemon of each evolutionary family.

  • This limits the pokemon for branched evolutions to one.
  • This also forbids the catching of pokemon for their items.
  • Breeding pokemon is impossible as it causes more than one pokemon of the same evolutionary family to exist.

3. The player is only allowed to carry three pokemon with them after defeating the second gym.

  • Players are allowed to carry no more than five after defeating the seventh gym and a full team after defeating the champion.

4. The player are forbidden to release pokemon.

  • this can cause a player's PC to fill up rapidly if they catche every new pokemon they see.

5. The use of held items is restricted is they boost the user's stats or lower the opponet's stats.

6. The player is only allowed to carry a maximum of five hyper potions and ten great balls.

7. The player is forbidden to use full heals, max revives, full restores, and max potions.

8. The player may only use pokeballs and great balls when catching pokemon.

9. Legendaries may be caught, but not used with the exception of one.

10. In-game trades cannot be made.

11. Contests, super contests, the bug catching contest, and the pokeathalon cannot be done.

12. If the player loses a battle and whites out, the players game is considered over and must be restarted or returned to the last save point.

  • This includes wi-fi battles.