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About Me, DontDream

Hello! My name is DontDream, and my real name is Glenn. Hi, all! I'm quite new as I have just created this account not long ago, but I have been using this site as a Pokémon guide for around a year. Sometimes I go by the name Evan. I'm a fan of the games Maplestory, Tekken and Grand Theft Auto. Of course, Pokémon is amongst them. My favourite anime character should be Ash Ketchum or something. But, nowadays, seeing how he's such a complete blockhead, I've been thinking otherwise. Currently, my favourite anime character should be Dent. I liked Brock because he can cook and everything and he's like a great big brother, but I hate his face and the way he closes his eyes all the time. Dent is really cool and all and he is like better than Brock in some way, so... I like him. Simple as that. I previously liked Water-types, but now I prefer Fire-types. I guess I'm more of a fiery person. But surprisingly, although I like Fire-types, my favourite Gym Leader is Lt. Surge, who is an Electric-type Trainer. I like all the regions except Hoenn, for some reason.


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