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Misty Terrain
ミストフィールド Mist Field
Misty Terrain active VIII.png
Move Ability
Misty Terrain
Max Starfall
Misty Surge

Misty Terrain (Japanese: ミストフィールド Mist Field) is a type of terrain introduced in battle in Generation VI. In Pokémon Sword and Shield, it occurs naturally in foggy weather.


Event Gen VI Gen VII Gen VIII
If naturally occurring N/A N/A
Misty Terrain used N/A
Misty Surge activated N/A
After turn is complete N/A
When Misty Terrain ends N/A


Misty Terrain in the anime

In battle

On the field

Game Region Location Conditions
SwSh Galar Various areas of the Wild Area Random days, all day

In the anime

Main article: Misty Terrain (move) → In the anime

In the manga

Misty Terrain in Pokémon Adventures
Main article: Misty Terrain (move) → In the manga

In other generations

In battle

Core series

Misty Terrain active VI.png Misty Terrain active VII.png
Generation I RBY Generation I
Generation I
Generation II Generation II
Generation II
Crystal Generation III Generation III
Generation III
RS FRLG FRLGE Generation IV Generation IV
Generation IV
PtHGSS HGSS Generation V BW B2W2 Generation V
Generation V
Generation VI XY ORAS Generation VII SMUSUM LGPE Generation VIII Stadium (Jap) Stadium Stadium 2 Colosseum XD Battle Revolution Battle Revolution
(alternative animation)
Battrio Mystery Dungeon PMD: Red and Blue PMD: Time, Darkness, Sky Rumble Rumble Blast

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 薄霧場地 Bohkmouh Chèuhngdeih
Mandarin 薄霧場地 / 薄雾场地 Bówù Chǎngdì
France Flag.png French Champ Brumeux
Germany Flag.png German Nebelfeld
Italy Flag.png Italian Campo Nebbioso
South Korea Flag.png Korean 미스트필드 Mist Field
Portugal Flag.png European Portuguese Campo Enevoado
Russia Flag.png Russian Туманное Поле Tumannoye Pole
Spain Flag.png Spanish Campo de Niebla