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Gladion's Umbreon
グラジオのブラッキー Glazio's Blacky
Heal Ball
Gladion Umbreon.png
Gladion's Umbreon
Debuts in A Glaring Rivalry!
Caught at Alola
Evolves in Prior to A Glaring Rivalry!
Gender Unknown
Ability Unknown
Current location With Gladion
Eevee Umbreon
This Pokémon spent an unknown amount of episodes as Eevee.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Eevee Unknown Suzy Myers
As Umbreon Rikako Aikawa Lori Phillips‎

Gladion's Umbreon (Japanese: グラジオのブラッキー Glazio's Blacky) was the first Pokémon acquired by Gladion in the anime.


As an Eevee

Prior to the start of the Sun & Moon series, Umbreon was an Eevee that Gladion found injured near his house. Gladion ran the injured Pokémon back to his house and asked Hobbes for help, who rushed it to a Pokémon Center. It later appeared in one of Lillie's flashbacks where it was helping the family out in Lusamine's garden. Umbreon first appeared in A Glaring Rivalry!, where it found itself the target of Tupp, Zipp and Rapp from Team Skull, but Gladion soon sent them flying with Lycanroc's Stone Edge. After Gladion was challenged by Ash, Umbreon went over to Professor Kukui's house where Ash was staying to give him a message that Gladion had accepted Ash's challenge. Gladion later used Umbreon to help free Lycanroc and Ash's Pikachu when they were captured by Team Rocket.

Umbreon was later seen in Rising from the Ruins!, where it tried to help Gladion comfort his Type: Null, as it felt uncomfortable with its helmet.

After accompanying Gladion when he confronted Ash in Mission: Total Recall!, they returned to their hotel room. They were confronted by Faba, who demanded that Gladion return Type: Null, which Gladion refused to do. Alongside Lycanroc, Umbreon battled Faba's Hypno and Alakazam, only to be attacked by Miracle Eye, allowing Alakazam to knock it out with Psychic.

In Faba's Revenge!, Umbreon helped Ash rescue Nebby from Faba, only to watch in horror as a Nihilego emerged from the Ultra Hole and merged with Lusamine, who sacrificed herself to save Gladion and Lillie, and return through the Ultra Hole.

In Rescuing the Unwilling!, Gladion used Umbreon, Lycanroc, and Silvally to fight Lusamine's Absol, which was controlled by Nihilego, to allow Ash to save Lusamine. Duing the fight Gladion revealed that Absol was Umbreon's sparring partner. Umbreon deflected Absol's Razor Wind attack with Dark Pulse, before being trapped alongside Lycanroc by Absol's Mean Look. In 10,000,000 Reasons to Fight!, Umbreon and Lycanroc were released from the Mean Look after Silvally used Multi-Attack on Absol, allowing them to continue fighting. When Nihilego had Absol get back up again after Gladion appeared to defeat it, Gladion told Umbreon and Lycanroc to take care of Absol before riding off on Silvally to get to Lusamine.

In Securing the Future!, Umbreon joined the rest of Alola in showering Necrozma with light so it could return to its true form.

Personality and characteristics

Whenever it is not battling, Umbreon is always resting, as seen in A Masked Warning!, where it was lying down on the grass, relaxing whilst watching Nebby sleep. It has a strong bond with its Trainer, helped by the way he found it injured and helped it back to full health.

Umbreon is shown to be close friends with Lusamine's Absol. In Rescuing the Unwilling!, Gladion revealed that it used to be Umbreon's sparring partner. When Absol was under the control of Nihilego, it battled Absol. Once Nihilego was defeat and its control over Absol disappeared, Umbreon affectionately rubbed cheeks with Absol.

Umbreon cares about its teammates, as seen in Rising from the Ruins!, where it helped comfort Silvally, and A Masked Warning!, where it prepared to help Silvally against Ash's Lycanroc in its rampaging state. Umbreon is also shown to be kind and helpful, as seen in SM105, when it returned Lillie's hat to her after a gust of wind blew it off her head.

Moves used

Gladion Umbreon Shadow Ball.png
Using Shadow Ball
Move First Used In
Dark Pulse A Glaring Rivalry!
Shadow Ball Mission: Total Recall!
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.


  • Umbreon is the first Umbreon to use a Dark-type move in the anime.
  • Umbreon is the first Pokémon in the anime to be kept in a Heal Ball.
  • Umbreon is Gladion's only Pokémon to not have a form difference.
  • Umbreon is Gladion's only Pokémon not seen using a Z-Move.

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