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Be mindful that it is still part of a personal userspace. Any content changes should be brought up on the talk page for this template.


Documentation of template {{Bfdifan2006/code}}



This template serves as the replacement for the <code> tag. It also disables all wiki markup of the first parameter if desired (<nowiki> can still be freely inserted).


{{User:Bfdifan2006/code|text|if yes, disable wiki formatting|style=additional CSS styling}}


  • 1: The tag's content.
  • 2: yes if the wiki formatting is to be disabled in the entire tag. (HTML escape entities, e.g. &lt; as < are still interpreted.) The simplest way to enable wiki formatting is to put a pipe | before the closing braces }}. (Default: yes)
  • style: Additional styles to apply.

Sample output

  • {{User:Bfdifan2006/code|[[Main Page]]}}

[[Main Page]]

  • {{User:Bfdifan2006/code|[[Main Page]]|}}
Main Page
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