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Hello. My name is Angryhonzik, also known as Angryhonzik Official on Bulbapedia. I've started playing Pokémon on 31th of May 2019 with Pokémon GO and I play it since to this day. My favourite Pokémon is Zoroark, because I think the origin and Hisuian disign is very cool and I caught shiny one in Pokémon Shield version - horewer I've never expirienced full power of Zoroark in Pokémon Black and White versions, because I've never got those. If you notice some errors in my articles on Bulbapedia, please contact me on my user talk.

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Bulbapedia Content Pages by Angryhonzik


Nuzlocke Challenges

Pokémon Shield

The team I beat Leon with:

Fainted Pokémon

Game stats after beating the main story of Pokémon Shield Version:

  • Game beaten in: 23:38
  • Total Pokémon fainted: 15
  • PokéDex (Caught): 40
  • PokéDex (Seen): 256
Name Trivia

Certain Nicknames are from a uncommon language, there are the effected nicknames and a translation what it means in English:

  • Cinderace the TAHLE means ´She´ as this is a female species of set Pokémon.
  • Ludicolo the Brokolice means ´Broccoli´.
  • Bewear the Škrtič means ´Throttle´, everyone who watched Pokémon Sun/Moon knows why.
  • Vullaby the Ptacik means ´Bird´.
  • Steelix the Krizava means ´Cross´.
  • Vileplume the Borůvka means ´Blueberry´.
  • Grimmsnarl the Skritek means ´Elf´.

Regular Playthoughs

Regular Playthoughts will be displayed soon.