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Main Protagonist Shippings

Characters Shipping Explanation
Ash Misty PokéShipping The well known shipping and my favorite one.
Brock Iris SleepDragonShipping Brock trains Rock type while Iris the Dragon type,so a romantic Rock Dragon that sleeps.
May Tracey WatchingtheSaphireShipping Tracey is a pokemon Watcher and May's name in manga is Saphire.
Cilan Dawn LoyalShipping Both Cilan and Dawn act in a loyal way.
Molly Hale Max PreschoolShipping Max and Molly has not yet become a pokemon trainer,and Max is based in a preschool boy .

Gym Leaders,Elite Four and Champion Shippings

Characters Shipping Explanation
Erika Burgh ArtisticShipping Erika is a shop manager and wears kimono, Burgh is an insect artist.
Whitney Morty MiltaghostlyShipping Miltank is her main pokemon and he train in ghost type.
Jasmine Steven Stone ShiningSteelShipping As they both train in Steel type.
Winona Wallace AppealShipping They act like in contests.