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Alex Summer

Alex is a 17 years old Pokemon Trainer and Coordinator. He is from Goldenrod City in the Johto region. He is currently in his journey through the Unova region.

"The Water Warrior!"
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Age 17
Gender Male
Eye color Brown
Hair color Black
Hometown Cerulean City
Region Kanto
Trainer class Master,Coordinator
Specializes in Water types


After getting his starter pokemon , Togepi,and his Walking Pokemon too, he began his jorney through the Johto region .After meeting and having a battle with the Cerulean City Gym leader Misty he decided that his goal would be being a Water type pokemon master.He is a Pokemon Trainer and as well a Pokemon Coordinator. After the Silver Conference, he decided to head to the Kanto region.

Alex's hometown

After capturing different pokemons ,after the Indigo Conference, he went to the Hoenn region and started to take part in Pokemon Contests.Then he went to the Sinnoh region .Now he is currently in his own journey through the Unova region, with his travelling companions.

He also runs an official water type gym.


He likes very much the Water type pokemons. His favorites trainers are Misty and Marlon. He has caught many pokemons most of them consisting in Water type.