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Hello to all you PokéFans out there! I am 1230james. I joined Bulbapedia in 2012(making it pretty recent). I wish to add more to this userspace, but I'm still getting used to all the madness, so check back later.

Lost my Pokémon anime episodes due to budget cuts.

Stupid TV bill price increases...

My List of Pokémon Video Games

I own the cartridges/card/ROM for the following games, whether they're broken, lost, or in working condition:

-Pokémon Blue Version (Broken; internal battery is SUPPOSEDLY dead); 
-Pokémon Yellow Version; 
-Pokémon Gold Version (Lost); 
-Pokémon Silver Version; 
-Pokémon Sapphire Version (Internal battery dead. So much for Mirage Island...);
-Pokémon LeafGreen Version (On VBA emulator)
-Pokémon Emerald Version (Also on emulator)
-Pokémon Pearl Version (Lost); 
-Pokémon Platinum Version (On Emulator)
-Pokémon White Version; 
-Pokémon Stadium

Yeah, that's my list. Meh...

Hey, don't judge me if I use emulators, it's hard enough to find used Pokémon games at GameStop these days, don't you think?