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This article is a proposed policy for Bulbapedia.

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This is a proposed policy that looks upon the listing of a trainer's Pokémon.



When listing Pokémon from a certain trainer, make sure it's relevant in one of the following categories:

Status Description
On hand The Pokémon the trainer currently uses - there can only be up to six Pokémon that fit in this category.
In rotation The Pokémon that are either on hand or reserved at another location.
At another location The Pokémon that reside in a different location - in Ash's case in the anime, that would be Professor Oak's lab.
Released The Pokémon the trainer sent back into the wild.
Escaped The Pokémon that fled from the Trainer, not intending to return.
Traded away The Pokémon that were handed over in a trade.
Given away The Pokémon that were simply handed over to another trainer.
In training The Pokémon given to another trainer to help enhance one or more special traits.
Rejected The Pokémon the trainer refused to catch/obtain.
Befriended The Pokémon the trainer befriended but never officially caught.
Taken care of The Pokémon the trainer fended for but never officially caught.
Status unknown The Pokémon whose status can't be determined.