Touch Change! (Garura Parent/Child promo)

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JPCardback.jpg This article is about a Japanese Pokémon Trading Card Game card which has not yet been officially released in English and, hence, may not be released outside of Japan. As such, this article may contain translated Japanese terms instead of English terms. TCG Card Back Japanese.jpg

Touch Change!
タッチ交代! Touch Change!
Team Plasma
Team Flare TCG logo.png
Illus. Nobuyuki Habu
(Garura Rules exclusive use card)
Japanese expansion Unnumbered Promotional cards

Touch Change! (Japanese: タッチ交代! Touch Change!) is a Trainer card. It is one of the Unnumbered Promotional cards.

Card text

All prints
AceSpec.png You can't have more than 1 ACE SPEC card in your deck.
You can't have more than 1 Prism Star card with the same name in your deck. If a Prism Star card is discarded, put it in the Lost Zone.
Tag team with your partner. Then, your opponent tag teams with his or her partner.
Do Nothing  
At the beginning of your turn, flip a coin. If heads, you can do nothing during your turn. If tails, your opponent can do nothing during his or her next turn.

Release information

This card was given to participants of the Garura Parent/Child Tournament in May 1998, as it was necessary for the Garura Rules version of the TCG utilized in the tournament. While not included as part of a 60-card deck, the card was still part of it, and had to be drawn and played as per any other Trainer card in order for team members to change. It was later reprinted and available as an insert with Volume 5 of Pokémon Card Fan Club, released in June 1998.


  • The Garura Parent/Child Tournament involved teams of parents and their children battling similar teams. Teams that won a certain number of battles over the course of the event were awarded with the now sought after Kangaskhan promotional card.
  • On the few occasions where the Garura Rules, or variations thereof were used in official events, each one featured a new promotional card made specifically for use when the rules were in effect. The Touch Generation Change! card was created for the New Garura Rules, and the Touch Exchange! card was created for the Tag Battle Rules. With the respective rules in effect, these cards are the only Trainer cards that are mandatory for play.
  • This card is also commonly known as the Picasso Trainer, perhaps due to the appearance of the characters in the illustration.


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