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Regarding the Hat Pikachu/PikASHu

In the description for each special Pikachu, there's a note explaining the reason why each Pikachu is the level that it is.

For example:

  • For the Original Hat Pikachu, which is level 1, it says: "The level of Pikachu is based on the order of the first movie in the original series, which is the first Pokémon movie overall."
  • For the Hoenn Hat Pikachu, which is level 6, it says: "The level of Pikachu is based on the order of the first movie in the Advanced Generation series, which is the sixth Pokémon movie overall."

And so on.

I would argue that this is possibly conjecture, and the levels might actually coincide with the releases of each anime series.

To clarify:

  • Original Series - April 1, 1997 (JP); approximately 1 year after the original release of Pokemon Red & Green Version in Japan on February 27, 1996. Level 1.
  • Advanced Generation - November 21, 2002 (JP); approximately 6 years after the release of Pokemon Red & Green Version; Level 6.
  • Diamond & Pearl - September 28, 2006 (JP); approximately 10 years after the release of R&G; Level 10.
  • Best Wishes - September 23, 2010 (JP); approximately 14 years after R&G; Level 14.
  • XY - October 17, 2013 (JP); approximately 17 years after R&G; Level 17.
  • Sun & Moon - November 17, 2016 (JP); approximately 20 years after R&G; Level 20

Granted, this doesn't really matter, and the numbers do match up regardless of how you spin it (it's honestly a really weird coincidence that it does). But I honestly think the levels make more sense when you consider the years of anime releases, especially since the serial codes so far have coincided with the dates of release in Japan (and each outfit refers to the specific design of Ash in that particular series).

I thought it was better discuss this first before trying to change it myself, since there might be proof of the contrary.

--PatManDX (talk) 09:41, 7 May 2017 (UTC)